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Valtra series A: performance and respect for the environmet

The new tractor series coming to market by the Finnish manufacturer is equipped with the Stage IV 4-valve Agco Power diesel. This new generation Common Rail engine with the SCR system guarantees great powerful performance with full compliance with European Union emission standards without increased fuel consumption

by Giovanni M. Losavio
May - June 2017 | Back

The totally new Valtra A Series is going into production this coming summer following debut at the SIMA Agrishow in Paris. Valtra, in the AGCO Corporation, reported that field trials of the new series is scheduled to begin in July. A Valtra technical communiqué disclosed that these tractors will be powered by the innovative new Stage IV Agco Power diesel, the 3.3 liter plant for the three entry version tractors and the latest generation 4 valve 4.4 liter engines for the four larger models with new common rail injection systems for high power with fuel economy.

Vigorous power and low impact on the environment

SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology is used to clean up nitrogen.oxide emissions to guarantee the new Valtra engines comply with European Union Stage IV environmental requirements and ensure powerful performance without increased fuel consumption. Another noteworthy feature is that the presentation of the new Stage IV AGCO power was accompanied by a look at the totally redesigned engine compartment with a new frame for an extremely compact exhaust cleaning system and engine size to optimize visibility for the operator in the cab.

A modular range

The Series A brings together power from 75 to 130 Hp made possible by a modular range system which offers three chassis sizes for hp options all sharing the same design and components. For the new Series A, of course, Valtra used one of the Finnish manufacturer’s tractor construction architecture strong points for excellent ground clearance ideal for forestry operations and such field work as spraying and forage harvesting. Yet another outstanding Series A feature is the availability of new generation factory-installed front loaders with loader beams and tool carrier construction, offering improved visibility and a high level of stability.

Versatile transmissions

The Series A tractors are equipped with Valtra’s HiTech power shuttle transmission supported by an extremely efficient mechanical transmission. The 12 forward and reverse gears are in two groups only, which minimises gear changes using the two levers. Furthermore, an additional super creeper option is also available for going as slow as 90 m/h, at 1400 rpm/min, to become a genuine multi-functional gearbox. The smooth operation of the synchro shuttle is suitable for a multitude of jobs and driving habits whereas operation with the AutoTraction and HiShift features minimise the need to use the clutch pedal to further facilitate driving. Valtra will introduce yet another new feature in the months to come, a synchro shuttle transmission for operators who spend fewer hours at work or do not perform front loader operations.

Up to 5.2 tons lifting capacity

The new A Series models are equipped with an electrically controlled AutoControl power lift as are other Valtra tractors. Basic modular construction enables each A4 model to provide sufficient lifting capacity up to 5.2 tons backed by OC hydraulics with sufficient output for all tasks. Up to 98 litres/min for these new Valtra hydraulics, supported by up to remote three valves, guarantees fast operation even with bigger front loaders or other implements. 

The spacious cab

The new Valtra redesigned cab with a second seat added is comfortable and functional and equipped with full electronic controls for 4WD, the differential lock, power lift and performance monitor while soundproofing further improves driver comfort. 


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