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The new Valtra N174, innovative and "customized"

by the editorial staff
February - March 2016 | Back

The Valtra N Series special edition with bright golden livery graphics customized in the Valtra Unlimited Studio is coming up for presentation in the spring in all the important events in the sector and made available to customers intent on customizing the machine with a comprehensive selection of specifications and options. The special N174 came away from Agritechnica in Hanover with both the “Machine of the Year 2016” award and the “Golden Tractor for the Design 2016” prize. Other than the golden livery, the tractor is distinguished by tinted windows, the golden award logos on the side window and Unlimited decals on the door hinge. The interior of the cab features a brown leather wrapped steering wheel and seats as well as an exclusive Unlimited dark gray mat. The fourth generation of the Valtra N Series is coming out with a totally new design for the six models from 115 to 185 Hp ideal for a range extending from livestock raisers to  municipalities and contractors with four transmission types, HiTech, Active, Versu and Powershift with five speeds plus the Direct CVT transmission. The N Series tractors are equipped with the powerful and responsive AGCO 4 cylinder SCR Only engine, from 4.4 liters to 4.9 with up to 185 Hp and 730 Nm of torque. The Turbo SCR system, EcoPower and Sigma Power, ensure lower fuel consumption and emissions. Moreover, Valtra features an Unlimited custom-built concept to ensure that their tractors are perfectly suited to the customer’s tasks and operating conditions. The Unlimited Studio, where specialized technicians can install any component requested by customers, now delivers 10% of their customized Valtra tractors to end-users. All the features and equipment fitted in the Unlimited Studio are fully compatible with the model in question, come with a full factory warranty and are backed up by Valtra’s spare parts services. While the first Unlimited tractors were initially supplied mainly for the Finnish market, the Unlimited Studio now delivers tractors to over 20 countries around the world.  


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