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Valtra tractors: Series A making their debut in Italy

by the editorial staff
October - November 2018 | Back

Valtra are presenting their Series A tractors in Italy at the EIMA International exposition, tractors named Machine of the Year 2017 at the SIMA in Paris in the category 75 to 150 Hp. Then in 2018 the series was given the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in the Commercial Vehicles category. This Valtra fourth generation series extends from 75 to 130 Hp of 3.3 liter engines for the lower power and 4.4 liter plants for the top models in the range. The entire series is equipped with Stage

A Agco Power equipped with SCR technology for neutralizing hydrogen oxides and are adapted for maintaining intact customers’ requirements of performance and fuel savings. For the Series A4 as for the Series N, T and S, servicing is available via the Valtra Connect telematic monitoring system focused on up to 154 various functions of the tractor, from oil temperature, gearbox functions and so on. The data arriving at the on board BusCan computer are sent to a secure server the customer has access to or via an App shared by technical assistants as needed.

For completing the configuration of the machine according the requirement of end-users, for all the tractors in the series Valtra offers the Unlimited Studio, an option for personalizing accessories and components not installed on the production line. These range from special paint, additional lights, stereo plant and others.

The elegant silenced and spacious cabs guarantee comfortable driving, ensure optimum safety and facilitate the use of the egonomics. The glassed-in cabs with 5,5 m² of glass provide a panoramic view during all work operations.   


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