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A "micro-weeding kit" for the Elektra planter

by the editorial staff
May - June 2015 | Back

After the Technical Innovation Award received at EIMA International 2014, Elektra - the electro-pneumatic planter by Sfoggia Agriculture Division - is still a protagonist of innovation in agriculture thanks to the testing of an advanced micro-weeding kit that, combined with the assisted driving systems, can cut significantly (up to 90%) the use of herbicides in the cultivation of corn. The tests, which took place successfully in the first weeks of spring at some important farms in the Treviso-Venezia area, are part of a project designed by engineer Bin Oddino and developed in collaboration with the University of Padua.  The field trials used an Elektra with 6 rows (75 cm between rows) with herbicide locators on a band of only 7-8 cm and a tractor equipped with a satellite guidance system that allowed us to assist in driving during the seeding phase, memorizing the path to repeat it during weeding with localized fertilization (with working parts of the weeder placed 2-3 cm from the corn row).

The advantages of this technology are reflected both in environmental protection and in a reduction of time and processing costs.  

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