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Agrimec, highly specialized in the trailer industry

Active for eighty years in the Italian farming equipment sector, the Cuneo company is specialized in the trailer segment, where it can boast a wide and diversified range of machines, with models characterized by great possibilities of customization, thanks to an extensive catalogue of accessories

by Fabrizio Sereni
December 2016 | Back

Agrimec of Marene (Cuneo) is one of the historic players in Italian agro-mechanics. The Piedmontese brand has been active in the sector since 1936 and this year it passed the mark of 80 years of business. A company that has gained experience especially after the “breakthrough” that occurred during the economic boom, and which has a tradition and a high-profile expertise thanks to which it has succeeded from the Thirties to the present day, constantly updating the profile of its machines. Right from the beginning, these working tools were designed to last, and their real added value - as the company explains with a note - is represented by the design know-how of a team of collaborators who can transfer the spirit and meticulousness of the handcrafted approach to industrial production. Agrimec has not moved away from its original business principles, and it also has not moved away from its initial sector of business, i.e. trailers, which still represent the core business of the company from Marene. The Agrimec range of tankers is extensive and specialized, with a line of machines that include models with different load capacities comprised between the 2,700 litres for the smallest, and 35,000 for the largest. The number of axles varies from one to three according to the weight, while the braking system can be mechanical or hydraulic, this too based on the capacity. The tanks are galvanized for all vehicles. The Agrimec tankers also offer maximum freedom of customization, thanks to a very rich catalogue of accessories, which includes - among others - narrow or ground-level spreading bars, two-or four-anchor rippers, drip collector, subsoiler with rear discs. In the trailers segment, the Piedmontese company can boast a range of models starting from the two-axle five metre model to the three-axle seven metre model, equipped with a hydraulic or pneumatic braking system. These also offer maximum freedom of customization, with options such as mechanical or Ror suspensions combined with industrial axles, and remote-controlled tilting device. The catalogue from Agrimec also includes trailers with fixed platform (from the 4 metre single-axle to the 9.7 metre triple-axle model), which, depending on the needs of the operators, can be configured as a tool carrier or bale carrier. There are also the dumper trailers - with the machines from 4.00 metres for the single-axles to 8.1 metres for the triple-axle - which can be equipped with levelling systems, forced sling (or electronic) steering, leaf spring rudders, rudders with hydraulic cylinders with nitrogen compensator. Another highlight in the Cuneo company’s catalogue are the manure spreader trailers, all certified by Imamoter to offer maximum safety for the user. The Agrimac models are offered with dimensions ranging from 4.5 metres of the single-axle to the 7 metres of the triple-axle, and with spreading devices (2 or 4 rollers) characterized by a tilted position, to improve the distribution of the product on the ground, and adjustable and retractable rear bulkheads. The basic version can be upgraded with the independent plant hydraulic advancement system, with electrical controls, hardened chains, Cramaro-type upper box covers, automatic hydraulic rods of the catenaries, steering axles, hydraulic rudders, and steering correction. All the machines are manufactured using high grade tubular material.



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