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Agritechnica 2017, all that's new in Hanover

Green Future-Smart Technology is the theme for Agritechnica 2017, the leading trade fair for agricultural machinery and equipment held in Hanover from November 12 to 18. A large number of new products and prize winning new technologies plus a full schedule of meetings on strategic issues on agricultural mechanization. The 2015 edition drew as many as 450,000 visitors and numerous members of the public are also expected to attend the upcoming review

by Patrizia Menicucci
November 2017 | Back

Overall growth of the European tractor market has been witnessed during the current year with registration gains in the major countries abroad led by India and China according to the estimations of CEMA and Agrievolution returning to the biennial Agritechnica in Hanover, running from November 12 to 18. This is the appointment most looked forward to by manufacturers and business people in the European agricultural mechanization sector organized by the German Agriculture Society (DLG). On stage in the fairgrounds where forty hectares are allocated for the exhibition are 23 pavilions committed for 2,900 exhibitors arring from 53 countries as the components of Agritechnica 2017 which reported 452,471 visitors to the most recent event, including 98,186 from abroad, most of them farmers at 57% and dealers and contractors at 27%.

The initiatives
A large number of associated events are planned for the exposition. Young Farmers Day is one the schedule for Thursday November 16 dedicated to the new recruits in the primary sector with an area for information, updates and exchanges of experiences plus a look into “access to the profession, careers and salaries” in Pavilion 15, Stand A29. To remember on the same issue of occupation is the Campus & Career Platform for Employment and Careers in Stand 21 for meetings with companies looking for employees and representatives from training institutes and research centers for learning of projects underway and possible partnerships. Gaining experience with agricultural machinery is the purpose for the Workshop Live in Pavilion 2, Stand E38 managed by a team of 15 young technicians explaining machinery and offering interaction with visitors and practical demonstrations at intervals over a number of days. The International Dealer and Service Provider Center has its own space in Pavilion 2 sponsored Climmar, the German and European machinery dealers associations. Here is will be possible to get updates on all services available in the areas of financing, transport, shipping, customs, evaluation of second-hand products, insurance and auctions. Components for machinery and equipment have been assigned a specific section in Pavilions 15, 16, 17 and 18 where Systems and Components is reading its third edition with 700 exhibitors from around the world are presenting systems, modules, components and accessories for agricultural machinery and related industries, will be offering a unique international platform for the presentation of innovations, trends and developments in eight key areas, drivelines, electronics, hydraulics, brakes and steering, engines, spare parts and accessories, wear parts and cabs and power lifts. A lounge area, Future Lounge, is set up for meetings and roundtables dedicated to smart maintenance and man-machine interface. An information center focuses on forestry, Forestry and Landscape Information Center in Pavilion 26 which provides visitors with 360° views of all the features which involve work, equipment, trends, safety procedures, economics and demonstrations of forestry vehicles and trailers.

New Technologies
The Agritechnica Innovation Award, a competition open only to exhibiting industries, brought in the presentation of 320 projects submitted by 175 manufacturers. The jury of experts named to analyze these products assigned 2 gold medals and 29 for silver. The top recognitions were awarded to two German
enterprises, Claas for the Auto Threshing System, an innovation for the automatic and integrated regulation of combine operative parameters, and to Kemper for the StalkBuster, the first stubble-destroying technology that forms an integral
part of a maize header. It is the only machine on the market that destroys all the stubble before it is driven on by the forager or the tractor and trailer to eliminate the pyramid pyramid moth infesting silage maize crops by destroying the stubble.
Among the silver medals awarded there was room for robotic maize sowing and a system for training technicians at work on machinery which includes an infrared optical sensors bar capable of identifying game hidden in forage plus the New
Holland Agriculture Pro-Active system for combines for automatically set the machine for various conditions ahead.

The meetings
The exposition is hosting a full schedule of congresses, workshops and forums. The inaugural event on the program is a meeting of the International Conference of agrarian engineers, Land.Technik, over the two days ahead of the opening of the salon, November 10 and 11, for an assembly of executives and specialists of agriculture manufacturers, suppliers of components and units dealing with the presentation of techniques and the most recent developments in agricultural and agricultural mechanization. Coming later is the Ag Machinery International — Access to Emerging Markets with appoints over the days following for expert analyses of emerging markets to access, financing and technological requirements with the focus this year on Iran, Zambia, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Russia, China and South-East Asia. Following on November 15 is a conference on seeds and the possibility for using more modern varieties.

Italian exhibitors and FederUnacoma activities
A large contingent of Italian agricultural machinery manufacturers is exhibiting in Hanover, 375 of these industries representing a wide range of merchandise categories. FederUnacoma is taking part with an institutional stand in Pavilion 5, Stand D15 for promoting various activities for supporting the federation member companies present. Agritechnica is also hosting the annual meeting of the Club of
Bologna made up of international experts in strategies for the development of agricultural mechanization backed by the Italian federation. The XXVII assembly of the prestigious organization is scheduled for November 12 and 13 in the Convention
Center and named Agricultural Mechanization: the Present Meets the Future in three session dealing in depth into 4.0 industry digital production; conditions, problems and solutions for the ISOBUS system and prospects for the productive
sector for forestry machinery.

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