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Arbos, an increasingly complete range

From full-field tractors to seed drills, from specialized to equal-wheeled tractors, Arbos presents in Bologna a line of machines characterized by many advanced constructive solutions. The aim is to achieve an integrated offering of technologies for agriculture

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2018 | Back

At EIMA International, Arbos takes the field with numerous product innovations. Here are the main premieres, both in the tractors segment and in the equipment sector.

Series 2000 and 3000. The open-field Arbos range is now complete in the power range between 20 and 50 horsepower with the new “compact utility” segment, which joins the 5000 series and whose main strength is its versatility. The 2000 series includes two models, one with 25 and one with 35 horsepower, while the 3000 series is presented with the model 3055 that is a candidate to becoming the bestseller in the segment. The two different transmissions available (8+8 or 12+12) allow you to choose between 4 gears and 2 ranges, or 4 gears and 3 ranges. The 2025 and 2035 tractors are approved for use on roads up to 30 kilometres per hour; the 3055 model is approved up to 40.

Series 7000. This is the Arbos flagship, destined to become the top of the range of the full line. Three models are available (7220, 7240 and 7260), all equipped with a 6.8 litre FPT 6-cylinder engine. The engine, a latest generation TIER V, delivers up to 270 horsepower in overpower. The transmission, however, provides 5 gears and 3 ranges, and 4-stage powershift that make the transition from one gear to another extremely fluid. The hydraulic system also offers top performance, equipped with a load sensing pump, with 5 electrohydraulic distributors and electronic lift (the lifting capacity is 10,000 Kg). These features enhance the operational flexibility of the 7000 series with all the heavy duty equipment.

6 metre MSD 2.0 Combi.  An evolution of the 3-metre model, the new 6-metre seeder made by Arbos is suited to traditional processes like minimum tillage, presented with 4 pneumatic dosing units and with an electric transmission equipped with a prestart system, which ensure uniform processing over the whole working width. This offers great advantages not only for efficiency, but also for operational speed. The folding frame (through a hydraulic control) and the extensible front tank facilitate the machine’s road transfers. Thanks to the pneumatic system that feeds the four rear pneumatic metering units, seeds and fertilizer can be distributed simultaneously.   

MS8230 Elektro. The new Arbos precision planter stands out for its transmission, which offers a variable and specific sowing for each type of crop or soil. The electric motors interface with soil fertility maps pre-loaded in the management system and dose the product in an ideal way.

Specialized tractors. Arbos renewed its range in this market segment, covering a power range from 60 to 110 horsepower, now fully in line with the most stringent regulations on emissions (Tier IIIb) and safety (TMR). In the 4000 series, ideal for every need and type of crop, the spotlight is on the compact 4080F, featuring a 1831 mm wheelbase and a height of only 1200 mm at the bonnet. Powered by a 4-cylinder engine, the 4080F is a durable and versatile tractor designed for narrow orchards or Tendone vineyards. Leader in the 90-110 horsepower segment, the 4110Q model is a compact machine, easy to manoeuvre and with a low centre of gravity, therefore ideal for row processes.

Equal-wheeled tractors. Here the range covers a power range from 20 to 100 horsepower. Available in 2, 3 and 4-cylinder versions, articulated and with steering wheels, Arbos equal-wheeled tractors are versatile and high-performance machines.

The most notable examples are the 3060E model with synchronized 16+16 transmission and steering wheels, and the new 4000E series with the 4090E versions with steering wheels and 4100E articulated with central joint.


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