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Blade GT, comfortable prunning

by the editorial staff
July - August - September 2015 | Back

Blade Gt is the new pruner, produced by Lisam, designed to facilitate the pruning of olive groves, vineyards and fruit trees. Blade Gt is characterized by a remarkable cutting speed, and cuts branches up to 3.5 cm in diameter.

Among the innovative features of the model there is the option to select the cutting mode, pulsed or progressive, depending on the pruning needs.

The position of the blade is fully and instantaneously programmable, even in intermediate positions, in both modes. The “controller” placed in the backpack battery’s belt can continuously monitor the state of the pruner, of the battery and the cutting mode used.

The ergonomic design, weighing only 900 grammes, and the reduced vibrations make the pruner very handy and comfortable.

Blade GT is equipped with a Li-ion battery that allows a range of work from two days in the orchards to three days in the vineyards.

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