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Confindustria general meetings: a project for the country

After a long preparatory work and a tour in direct contact with the entrepreneurial realities of the various regions, the confederation general meetings were held in Verona to focus on needs and priorities for the industrial sectors. Employment, combating tax evasion and greater commitment in Europe are the key points of an agenda that Confindustria proposes to the new Government. The FederUnacoma senior members attended the Verona meeting to raise the specific requests of a sector, agricultural machinery, exposed to the problems of both the industrial sector and the primary sector

by the editorial staff
February - March 2018 | Back

Confindustria's economic vision, experience and know-how are a resource for the country, which politics must be able to exploit. This is the message that emerges from the General Meeting that the Confederation held last February 16 in Verona, delivering a programmatic platform to political parties and institutions on the eve of the elections of March 4, and which today is all the more valid following the elections. The role of Confindustria does not change in the new political scenario, with the success of Movimento Cinque Stelle and Lega, and therefore the defeat of the Government coalition parties, above all the Democratic Party. In fact, the pragmatic function of Confindustria becomes even more importnat, with its appeal for economic growth as a priority commitment for the new government.  "The outcome of the vote clearly indicates what the problems of the country are and it appears clear that only an economic policy that aims to growth can solve them - is the first comment of the Confederation following the vote - and we therefore hope for responsible behaviour of the political forces not only in claiming a result, but in translating it into choices in the interests of the country aimed at guaranteeing stability and governability. This also depends on the next European commitments, including the fundamental discussion on the new EU budget". The priorities from a business point of view have clearly emerged during the General Meeting, and with these also the hope that the future Government will encourage the economic recovery that, after years of delay, seems finally to be materializing thanks to instruments launched by the last Governments, such as Industry 4.0 and Jobs Act. After a preparatory action involving thousands of industrialists and a tour organized in 14 stages from Pordenone to Gioia Tauro, Confindustria's general meetings focus on a programme proposal, to be developed in the five years of the new legislature. It aims to achieve 1.8 million more jobs, a reduction of more than 20 points in the ratio of public debt to gross domestic product, cumulative growth in real GDP close to 12 percentage points, and finally a growth in national exports well above the rate average growth of global exports. The documents that summarize the programmatic contents of the confederation highlight the need to reduce bureaucracy, reduce public debt and combat tax evasion, and above all the Europeanist vocation. Confindustria affirms that Europe must be the "best place to do business, and the institution that simplifies the life of citizens by supporting the development of knowledge, research and innovation, contributing also to defining a stable macroeconomic framework". "In Europe, where Italy will have to play a co-protagonist role, the appointment of a Finance Minister independent from the Member States is expected - adds Confindustria - who has the responsibility, among other things, to issue eurobonds aimed at financing shared projects and therefore to benefit all the countries of the Union with the aim of a greater integration".

The General Meetings of Verona were attended by the senior members of FederUnacoma (the Chairman Alessandro Malavolti, the General Director Simona Rapastella and the CEO of FederUnacoma Surl Massimo Goldoni, as well as the representatives of member companies directly invited to take part in the meeting), to bring the contribution of the federation to the overall platform of the Confederation, and to raise some specific priorities of the represented sector. The Federation leadership underlines that, operating in the field of agricultural machinery, FederUnacoma is in close contact with both the agricultural and industrial sectors, being therefore exposed to the variables of both the one and the other. Technological innovation, which represents the obligatory choice for a sector like that of agricultural machinery which aims with determination towards "4.0" systems and towards cutting edge solutions for the management of production parameters, making huge investments to this end, must have adequate market outlets in the agricultural sector. The Federation highlighted that this will be possible only on condition that the primary sector becomes stronger, more profitable, and supported by an efficient and continuous incentive system over time, able to support, not sporadically but systematically, agriculture in its renewal process.



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