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Damilano Group, a full line for animal husbandry

The Cuneo-based company began operating in the 1980s with a mechanical and sheet metal processing business. In the following years, Damilano Group progressively diversified its production up to the creation of the Terra Implements division, specialized in haymaking machines. 2019 marked the debut in the livestock sector with the acquisition of the Riberi self-loading wagon

by Giovanni M. Losavio
June 2020 | Back

The Piedmontese company Damilano Group took its first steps in the Cuneo production zone in 1980, with a mechanical and sheet metal processing business based on the use of profiling machines. In the following decade the company intensified the production of standard profiles, while also focusing on those made according to the customer’s design. It was in the 1990s that the Damilano Group’s production made an important qualitative leap, with the creation of robotic welding islands and the use of numerically controlled machine tools, as well as wire and sinker EDM systems. As the manufacturer himself makes clear, the latter are intended for the manufacture of moulds and profiles, allowing the company to manage the entire production cycle “in house”, from the design to the production phase. The experience acquired in the mechanical sector, supported by a robust industrial growth process, represents the base for the Group to begin diversifying its business; first it created the Terra Implements division, then just last year it acquired the Riberi self-loading wagon company unit. Specialized in the design and manufacture of haymaking machines, side and front drum mowers, disc mowers, tedders and rakes, the Terra Implements division’s design objective is the production of technologically advanced and high-quality machines. The acquisition of the Riberi, specialized in the self-loading wagon segment, was the point of arrival of a partnership that had lasted for some years. Thanks to this acquisition, Damilano Group has had the opportunity not only to guarantee the continuity of the Riberi brand, but to renew its catalogue with new types of machines, technologically advanced and increasingly specialized. Today the two brands controlled by the Cuneo company are able to offer a complete range of products for haymaking and animal husbandry; a truly full line for cattle feeding. While Terra Implements is devoted to the forage sector (front drum mowers, mounted drum and disc mowers, tedders, hay rakes), Riberi is dedicated to the livestock sector, with a range of self-loading wagons designed to facilitate and speed up the cutting, transport and distribution of fresh grass to livestock. The latest addition to the Damilano brand is the Saliunca model, a machine for harvesting herbs such as lavender, helichrysum and thyme, developed thanks to a team effort that saw agronomists and engineers collaborating side by side.

In this production scenario, exports represent an important outlet for the Piedmontese manufacturer. The machines developed by the Terra Implements division, for example, are intended almost entirely for exports. The United States and Northern Europe are the main target markets but, as the manufacturer explains, North African countries have also become some of the most significant commercial partners. The acquisition of the Riberi brand has further expanded the company’s market, bringing as “dowry” the main European markets, namely France, Germany and Spain. On the other hand, Italy now absorbs a small percentage of production, but in recent years the Cuneo brand has seen an increase in the share of turnover achieved in the Peninsula.


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