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Dante Macchine: innovation, quality, performance

The manufacturer in Bagnoli di Sopra in the Padua Province established in the Sixties designs and builds soil preparation machinery. The company's broad and diversified range extends from machinery powered beginning at 80 Hp on up to 600 Hp for their most robust models. The Dante Macchine strong points are quality materials in use, innovative technologies and centralized manufacturing processes

by Giovanni M. Losavio
April - May 2018 | Back

Good cultivation leads to good harvest is the motto seen by visitors on their arrival to the Dante Macchine plant in Bagnoli di Sopra, located halfway between Padua and Rovigo at work for nearly fifty years for the production of soil preparation machinery. Initially the company took on repairs of agricultural machinery to then move on to specialize in designing and manufacturing agro-mechanical technologies under the brand name Dante Macchine. The company is now run by Roberto and Andrea Dante. Roberto is in charge of commercial relations and Andrea is responsible for the organization of production. He told Mondo Macchina/Machinery World, “The manufacturing processes are mainly performed in the Bagnoli di Sopra plant where the most sensitive work cycles are personally cared for. This way we are able to control the quality of the raw materials and the final product with extreme accuracy. Only some of the processes are outsourced to suppliers; they are longtime partners we have relations of trust and collaboration with.” On the side of design, the R&S department operates a real time interface with the technical office. The skills fine turned in the field and feedback from the end-users of the manufacturer’s machine continually collected are two key issues for Dante Macchine for building and consolidation for improving their ranges. These considerations undoubtedly enhance value added as does the use of 3D programming which extends range of technological innovations applied by the enterprise. These innovations are brought in not only for the products but also the processes which have led to a flexible production organization allowing the creation of an optimum costs regime. The strategy in the field is also characterized by the division of labor. Roberto Dante commented, “We want to have direct relations with our closest customers on the land and we do so, almost daily. In the case that distance doesn’t allow these close relations we think about foreign markets and we instead trust a network of trustworthy competent commercial collaborators.” This the base on which the Veneto manufacturer has built success achieving status and winning markets outside Italy, extending to Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Russia and other Eastern European countries to reach turnover abroad equal to that chalked nationally. Special manufacturing has has not been secondary for creating enterprise. On the other hand, the ranges the Veneto company develop in their market sector include mounted and trailed machines for tractor of 80 Hp on up to 600 Hp. These machines start with surface soil preparation seedbeds to subsoilers and rippers reaching a depth of 70 cm; traditional cultivators equipped with the most combined preparation innovations capable of good use of residues reducing the number of operations. The machinery built by the firm covers an ample and diversified segment of the market. Also ample and diversified is the availability of equipment, each item studied for a particular type of soil. Everything designed to provide the end-users top flight performance in all work conditions. As the motto reports, Good cultivation leads to good harvest.



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