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Deleks production under the banner of quality and safety

by Patrizia Menicucci
March - April 2023 | Back

Untilled, uncultivated land is one of the possible origins of the name of ancient Verola, today Veronalanuova, in the province of Brescia, which saw the birth in 2002 of Deleks, a company specialising in the production of, among other things, tillage machinery.

Brothers Alessandro and Marco Del Bono have been running Deleks for more than twenty years, designing, manufacturing and distributing agricultural and forestry machinery, continuing an activity started in the second half of the 1940s by their grandfather Antonio and continued by their father Roberto until the late 1990s.

The Brescian company offers a wide range of products: from ploughs, rippers, grubbers, levelling blades, hoes and stone buriers, to shredders, embankment shredders, brush cutter arms and hedge cutter bars. Plus orchard trailers, bio-shredders, chippers, poultry litter mixers with rear loaders and 3-point hitch boxes, pallet and hay forks and hydraulic cranes.

The basic philosophy of Deleks' activity - marked by the precept of 'passion, drive to innovate and responsible commitment' - is to design quality equipment that can provide efficient machining in the field under the banner of safety. The company can rely on machinery that enables '100% in-house' production, allowing total control over the choice of materials and components used. Quality control, personnel training, and final testing of each machine are the basis that allows the optimisation of the various processes and an evolution of the company's product know-how and its industrialisation. The pivot of Deleks' evolution is the Research and Development centre in Veronalanuova, where a highly qualified staff equipped with the most modern technologies is at work, developing innovative and quality products starting from preliminary modelling studies that allow all possible construction variants. Products made by constantly listening to the end users to know their needs and adapt and improve production based on this feedback.

In order to test prototype machines and carry out demonstrations of these products in operation, the company has set up a test field where customers can book to evaluate the performance of the various devices first-hand.

Since 2012, Deleks has had a subsidiary in Germany, in Miesberg in the State of Bavaria, and from 2019 in France in Brest on the west coast of the country in Brittany. Thanks to these industrial facilities and an efficient network of affiliated distributors and sales agents, the company has seen its brand established internationally and its export share grow, today at 55% of turnover, in particular to all European Union countries, Canada and Korea.

The company's extensive catalogue is implemented by complementary products partially or completely manufactured in China, India, Poland, Bulgaria and Italy for which the parent company controls the production process and performs quality control. Thanks to a distribution model characterised by maximum efficiency and global monitoring from production to handling, Deleks is able to deliver its vehicles - which can also be purchased online - promptly, ensuring maximum service to its customers.

Deleks is on the main social media, where it publishes videos and tutorials on the machines being worked on and where it also collaborates with content creators such as Edd China, a British mechanic and TV presenter, and Matt the Farmer, an Italian farmer and influencer, who in their posts describe the technical features of the machines and try out the manufacturer's technologies in their demonstration fields and activities.


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