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Deltacut Fischer, flexibility and strength

by Giacomo Di Paola
May - June 2022 | Back

Deltacut Fischer is a versatile and sturdy mower, suitable for jobs such as mowing after harvesting wheat and maize, maintenance of airport green areas, and working between particularly wide rows.

Offered in different sizes - starting from a minimum of 4.6 metres to a maximum of 8 for a power requirement of between 90 and 150 horsepower (for all models) - Deltacut Fischer features a rear axle with hydraulic pistons that allows grass cutting to be adjusted from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 40 cm (a height recommended for airport facilities as it helps limit the presence of birds of prey).

The double articulated comb blades are suitable for operations on ground with branches, pruning residues and - above all - mulch as the counter-rotation of the blades ensures optimal distribution even at high working speeds.

The floating attachment of the two side wings gives Deltacut a smooth and uniform ride even on uneven ground.

The basic equipment of the mower offered by the South Tyrolean company (Fischer's head office is in Termeno, in the province of Bolzano) includes four trolleys with eight rear tyres, three to five cutting rotors, front and rear chain covers, side frames with hydraulic cylinders that can be tilted upwards by 90° (for road transport), and a CE9 cardan shaft with free wheel.


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