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Draft horses, fascinating and up to date

by Patrizia Menicucci
October - November 2018 | Back

One of the EIMA Show attractions during the agricultural machinery in the field event, set up last July on the Casalini di Deruta farm in the Province of Perugia, drew special interest in the sector focused on soil preparation with draft horses of the IHDH (Italian heavy draft horse) breed capable heavy and speedy pulling.

During the entire event visitors could take part in a part in daily demonstrations of draft horse’s work, technical operations still alive especially France and Germany, mainly for biological products.

The initiative was brought up by the National Association Italian Horse Breeders (ANACAPITPR) in cooperation with the Regional Association of Livestock Raisers Umbra.

On view was horse-drawn work and equipment modified for modern technologies capable of agronomic and economic performances from a current point of view of the animals. The Pariglie used are provided by the Cavezza family in Cittareale near Rimini who also managed conditioning for the demonstrations.

The special work equipment was provided by Cantine Di Filippo from Cannara, near Perugia, a specialized producer of organic wine which works in vineyards with their own horses with equipment perfected over time on the basis of the daily experiences in the field.

During the event, the responsible ANACAITPR, with the FederUnacoma technical service, opened initial contacts for research for building interest in production on a broad scale of modern work equipment for draft horses in light of the growing request for adequate technologies.



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