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Duo Wing Jet Collina by Martignani

by the editorial staff
July - September 2014 | Back

The Duo Wing Jet Collina manufactured by Martignani Srl has been named for an Innovation Challenge Enovitis in Campo 2014 prize for the new version of the anti-drift electrostatic pneumatic mist blower system suitable for sloping ground which greatly facilitates the use of recovery technology in hilly areas making a strong contribution to environmental sustainability. The new model of the Duo Wing Jet, with a tank capacity of 400 liters and new electrostatic system with recovery without recycling (see Mondo Macchina/Machinery World no. 1, 2014), is equipped with two panels, a single row, rather than four, two rows, and is lightweight and more compact. This construction ensures excellent stability, maneuverability and safety in operation, essential features for hilly vineyard plant treatment. As for the version for operations on level terrain, the new model’s mist blower is a vertical column with eight targeted electrostatic sprayers. Regulation of the horizontally pivoting axis makes it possible to level the lower arms of the three-point hitch with jacks.   

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