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Futurism, Antonio Carraro's 2016 calendar

by the editorial staff
December 2015 | Back

With the arrival of the close of the year, the historic Antonio Carraro trademark is publishing the tractor manufacturer’s traditional calendar collection for the 53rd consecutive year. Accompanying the year 2016 are shots taken by Oriano Stefan, a photographer who has been photographing Antonio Carraro tractors for the past forty years and settled on the Italian futurism artistic movment’s fixation on speed for inspiration. Futurism was distinguished by paintings of liquid images, vivid colors, undefined moving shapes in random arrangements of spots and speedlines with rarefied representative forms. The lines stretch out and become deformed and the location of action is shaken by the movement of the tractor which becomes the bright and shining emblem of the fleeting moment.

The new calendar is available at Antonio Carraro dealerships and importers.

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