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Anno 2017 Numero 3-4

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March - April 2017

Gonella Fratelli, great specialization in livestock raising sector

Gonella Fratelli is a company in Carmagnola, near Turin, which can vaunt over forty years at work in the agricultural mechanization sector. Since the Gonella founding in 1976 the enterprise has specialized in the design and manufacture of self-propelled desilaging machines to become a point of reference in their market sector in spite of the difficulties now experienced by livestock raisers. The Gonella Fratelli present desilaging machine now on the market, initially developed beginning in the late 1970s, is available in two versions, self-propelled by an electric motor or an internal combustion engine, and can operate in perfect combination with a towed mixer wagon. The high production desilager works to provide the exact quantity of silage needed for daily rations and transports the product as required for distribution. The self-powered machine is very practical in operations due to its agility in maneuvering, productivity and sensitivity in respect of the fiber in the products along with great durability over time and maintenance reduced to a minimum. This desilaging machine, however, is not the only winning card in the Gonella Fratelli catalogue. With the growing number of biomass plants, the Piedmont company has begun specializing also in the manufacture or biomass conveyors available in two versions, stationary or mobile monorail capable of filling containers to the top along their entire length and throughout the cubic meter capacities. The machines are operated by remote control of electric gear motors. Also noteworthy is that the conveyors can be personalized to meet the special market requirements of all customers.  

by Fabrizio Sereni

Keywords: Gonella Fratelli
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