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Greenhouses and horticulture: the multi-purpose machine by Oliver

Oliver in Engazzà di Salizzole near Verona has been at work in the field of agricultural machinery since 1971 specializing in the development of flexible and strongly customized technologies. The Rotosark® mechanical weeder stands at the top of a wide and differentiated range of machinery and equipment

by Giovanni M. Losavio
July - August - September 2016 | Back

For more than forty years the manufacturer Oliver headquartered Engazzà di Salizzole near Verona has pursued the aim of facilitating work in the sector of horticulture and greenhouses through the development of customized technologies. Since 1971 the agricultural machinery company has produced technologies for the mechanization of greenhouses and horticulture with a special focus on organic farming featuring mechanical weeding. In carrying out this mission, Oliver has continuously strengthened their technical office and, aside from turning out the basic models presented in their catalogue, assigned highly specialized designers to come up with functions for the specific conditions required by end-users. The technical office is at the heart of the company fleshed out by the commercial and post-sales department responsible for the training days sponsored by Oliver for inspecting their machines and testing the technological innovations of tomorrow. Moreover, the Engazzà plant was recently reorganized to ensure that all the manufacturing procedures are structured for optimizing the design phase on the one hand and reducing the time to market on the other for achieving versatile and highly efficient instruments produced to greatly reduce the work involved in operations. From transplanting to harvesting, from fumigation to mulching, Oliver can vaunt a wide and diversified range of machinery to meet all requirements in the sector of greenhouses and horticulture. The headliner in the company’s thick catalogue is the precision Rotosark® model mechanical row weeder patented in 2012 and, thanks to the machine’s great versatility, warmly welcomed in Italy and on markets around Europe, North and South America and North Africa where exports account for half the sales. The multi-functional Rotosark can operate as a traditional cultivator as well as a precision mechanical inter-row weeder, as well as for aerating the soil, for working directly in transplanting rows between one seedling and another and as a tamping machine to reduce the use of herbicides to a minimum.  The Rotoblizz technology system consists two counterposed rotors inclined at 28° toward the plant at a distance of as little as 2 cm from the transplant row to enable the machine to operate as soon as 7/10 days after transplanting or seeding because the weeder teeth penetrate the soil by no more than 3-4 cm while eradicating weeds, even those with deeper roots, and prevent further proliferation. Another bestseller in the Oliver range of machinery for greenhouses with a model for creating raised seedbeds for preventing standing water and excessive quantities of water by creating shallow ditches for runoff and machinery for transplanting and fertilization. For horticulture, the company markets implements for fumigation for the control of fungi and nematodes or roundworms, machinery for irrigation, mulching and harvesting all based on technologies ensuring low impact on the environment.

Also in the Oliver catalogue are technologies for managing the entire cycle of tobacco cultivations with solutions which range from seeding to growing greenhouse plants, harvesting, plant care and on to curing the leaves.



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