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Anno 2020 Numero 6

June 2020

iCUT3, a tool carrier for extreme conditions

A remote-controlled vehicle to work in the most critical conditions. We are talking about the iCUT3 tool carrier powered by a 40 horsepower 3-cylinder Isuzu engine, created by the Emilian company Ferri (the headquarters is in Tamara, in the Ferrara area). With a light and manoeuvrable structure and a low centre of gravity, the iCUT3 finds its ideal field of application in green area maintenance, on steep slopes and on the most impervious banks, which are difficult to access with vehicles driven by an operator. The greatest benefit of the Ferri tool carrier is the combination of low centre of gravity, extendable undercarriage (from 132 to 167 centimetres), and sculpted tracks that optimize traction and grip even on the most uneven terrains, on slopes of up to 55°. On the hydraulic system, the Emilian company installed 4 independent circuit pumps. Two of these have pistons with variable closed-circuit flow (hydrostatic transmission with the track motors), one has a closed-circuit piston (transmission to the rotor shaft with the piston engine installed on the shredder), while the fourth pump is open-circuit geared (powers the distributor that manages the lifter and expands the carriage). The equipment is connected to the machine body through a mixed mechanical and hydraulic floating system, which allows the application to adapt to the terrain profile, thus ensuring a high quality of work. In addition to the shredder head with a working width of 130 cm (it can go up to 170 cm), the iCUT3 can be equipped with other dedicated equipment, including hydraulic forestry shredders, snow blades, snow cutter, sweeper, stump grinder and high- tipping bucket. All the operations of the Ferri tool carrier are managed through a two joystick radio control with ergonomic and intuitive controls; the user can customize the speed controls and the reaction times of the machine, thus adapting its operation to the various environmental conditions. The console displays, among other things, the temperature of the coolant and the oil, the functionality of the radio control battery, the pressure of the engine oil, the fuel reserve, and the forward mode (slow/fast). Lastly, regarding the tracks, the operator can choose between standard rubber tracks for displacements and for areas with small gradient slopes; standard plus rubber tracks with high profile for medium and medium-high gradient slopes; tracks with GRIP steel brackets for maximum grip on stony ground or where the unevenness would damage the rubber tread; tracks with GRIP PLUS steel brackets and spikes, for use in extreme conditions, both in terms of slope and terrain structure.

by Giacomo Di Paola

Keywords: Ferri
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