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Anno 2015 Numero 5-6

May - June 2015

Macfrut 2015: room for agricultural mechanics

Agreement between the Cesena trade fair organisation and FederUnacoma to develop specialised machinery for the fruit & veg sector as part of the international fruit and vegetable exhibition in Rimini from 23 to 25 September. Newgeneration technology for an efficient Made in Italy supply chain model

A strategic agreement has been signed between Macfrut and FederUnacoma. New mechanical technologies for fruit and vegetable companies - both horticultural and fruit growing ones - are one of the key elements that will make the Italian supply chain more efficient and internationally competitive.

Italy is a world leader in agricultural machinery and, thanks to Macfrut, innovation in this sector will be appropriately enhanced.

This is one of the new features of the next edition of the international exhibition dedicated to the fruit and vegetable sector, to be held in Rimini from 23 to 25 September 2015, where special attention will be given to specialised machinery for the fruit and vegetable sector as a fundamental element to ensure the efficiency and quality of production chains.

Thanks to this partnership established between Cesena Fiera and the Italian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers Federation (FederUnacoma), Macfrut will allocate plenty of space and visibility to specialised machinery for the fruit and vegetable sector in the maxi pavilion dedicated to the pre-harvest sector.

“This agreement is highly important,” says the President of Cesena Fiera, Renzo Piraccini, “since it allows us to develop Macfrut by innovating the pre-harvest sector. At this stage, we believe we can attract over 1,000 exhibitors in the 33,000 square metre space at the trade fair centre. This exhibition is designed to offer solutions that will meet all the needs of those involved in the sector.”

After all, fruit and vegetable production is one of the main strengths of Italian agriculture, yet it requires increasingly modern and competitive management systems that can be obtained only by increasing quality and efficiency throughout the production chain and by offering a model of excellence applicable to the entire catchment area that the Rimini event focuses on, which includes, especially, Me­diterranean Europe, Central and Eastern Europe, and the Ma­ghreb area.

“Macfrut’s approach has fully convinced us,” adds the President of FederUnacoma, Massimo Goldoni, “since it strives to achieve excellence for the industry, promoting relations with foreign countries and simultaneously putting forward the idea of 100% Made in Italy to enhance, with a single strategy, Italy’s territories, the processing and cultivation technologies developed by the Italian industry, product varieties, marketing and quality consumption.”

In this perspective, the 2015 edition of Macfrut is also in line with Italy’s agricultural policy goals and with the EXPO 2015 event, which aims to promote Italian food products by showcasing all stages of production, from fields to meal tables.

by the editorial staff

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