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McCormick boosts the X7.6 range

by the editorial staff
January - February 2017 | Back

McCormick arrives at  Sima 2017 with interesting innovations for the X7.6 range.  Positioned in the high power range, it is equipped with new 6-cylinder BetaPower Fuel Efficiency Tier 4 Final engines, mounted on the X7.650, X7.660, X7.670, X7.680 and the new X7.690 models, covering outputs from 150 up to 230 Hp. The news also involves the transmission, which in this range is available in the VT-Drive version (continuously variable transmission up to 195 Hp) and in the PS-Drive (Powershift transmission up to 226 Hp). The latter has been completely overhauled: five robotic electro-hydraulic ranges, for a 6-speed Powershift fully controlled by a dedicated electronic control unit. Thanks to the on-board technology, once the operator defines the number of engine revolutions, the Smart APS system (Smart Autopowershift) enables the transmission to automatically adjust the range and the most appropriate gear for the set data. The X7.6 Series also incorporates the Stop & Action system, which engages the de-clutch at the push of the brake pedal, allowing the PS-Drive transmission to obtain smooth driving that is very close to that of a continuously variable transmission. The range, which has undergone some aesthetic changes both outside and inside the cab, includes as standard all the innovations introduced with Model Year 2017, in particular the update of the software controlled from the Data Screen Manager (DSM). It now includes more features including a rear reversing camera for improved visibility of the connected equipment, more information about the transport mode, advanced headland automation and more information from the on-board computer. Finally, the Première Cab and the suspended front axle emphasize that the comfort and safety of the operator, together with the tractor’s performance, are the primary objectives of the Research & Development department of Argo Tractors, projected towards the continuous improvement of its tractors.

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