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New collaboration Sace-FederUnacoma for foreign markets

Member manufacturers will have access to services for financing investment planning and heightening competitiveness for marketing their products in Italy and abroad. Among the main goals of the understanding are picking up machinery demand in China, India, Turkey and Brazil and the frontier markets in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa

by the editorial staff
December 2014 | Back

Sace, the Italian export credit and investment protection group, and the Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers, FederUnacoma, announced the signing of a collaboration agreement aimed at strengthening and supporting growth on international markets for more than 300 federation member enterprises. With this accord, unveiled at the EIMA International exposition in Bologna held November 12th to 16th, the FederUnacoma manufacturers are given access to SACE consultation services and an ample range of the group’s products, ranging from insurance against debtor default and access to financing to investment protection, surety bonds for tenders and contracts and the transformation of their credits into liquidity through such innovative instruments as Trade Finance.

Speaking at EIMA International, Sace CEO Alessandro Castellano and FederUnacoma President Massimo Goldoni, reiterated their shared commitment to back one of the leading Italian export sectors in the years to come. Castellano noted, “Italian exports of agricultural machinery in 2013 reported a rate of growth greater than their German and French competitors. This result brought honor for the enterprises in the sector for whom we are making available instruments able to strengthening their capabilities for investment and commercial competitiveness for the purpose of picking up the growing demand for machinery and technologies arriving from the emerging and frontier countries.” The CEO also affirmed that Sace and an increasing number of companies intend to take advantage of these opportunities “thanks to the new partnership forged with FederUnacoma and we are counting on announcing soon mechanization support for the Italian agricultural system.”

The head of FederUnacoma said, “Agricultural economies are expanding at the world level and showing growing mechanization demand which, for Italian enterprises, is coming as an opportunity not to be missed. Italian machinery has an extraordinary breadth of range and an excellent reputation on foreign markets, and not only in traditional markets but also in the new economies.” Goldoni went on to say, “But internationalization needs specific financial instruments and for this, support from Sace, so finely calibrated for the requirements of the sector, is fundamental.”

In 2013 Italian agricultural machinery exports in and outside Europe, including the United States and Japan, climbed 7.9% and are gaining market share in the leading emerging markets in China, India, Turkey and Brazil. Over the medium period, the most promising prospects for growth will come especially from Asian and African countries with increasing populations, urbanization processes and where food requirements will support elevated levels of demand to generate opportunities to take for Italian agricultural machinery exports.

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