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Pazzaglia, innovative technologies for nurseries

by Giacomo Di Paola
May - June 2022 | Back

The growth path of Pazzaglia, a Tuscan company based in Pistoia and active in the design and manufacture of nursery machinery, follows that taken in the last century by many companies in the agro-mechanical sector, which later became important players in the sector. The key to success, of these as well as of the Tuscan manufacturer, is once again represented by the ability to succeed in creating a strong synergy with the territory they belong to.

The province of Pistoia, where Pazzaglia was founded in 1983, is in fact one of the most important nursery districts in Italy: over a total area of more than 960 square kilometres, as many as 1,800 nurseries are active.

It is evident how such a concentration of businesses has generated a strong demand for specific technologies over time; a demand that the Pistoia-based company has been able to capture and satisfy. Yet at the beginning of its activity, the company was essentially a service and repair centre for agricultural machinery, even though its founder - Fabio Pazzaglia - had never given up the idea of creating some models on his own, to the point of launching his own line of machines.

The passing of the years marked an important qualitative leap for the Pistoia-based company, which tended to specialise more and more in the development of its range
of clodding machines (popu-lar in Italy as well as in Europe, Russia, China, the USA and Turkey), progressively abandoning its artisan guise to take on an industrial form.

This growth is linked to some winning innovations, such as the FZ50 Clodding Ma­chine - one of the most compact a­vailable on the market - and the FZ200AV Clodding Machine, which is popular for its imposing structure and its ability to perform even the heaviest and most deman­ding processes with great ease. In the wide range of nursery solutions offered by the manufacturer there are also specific means for transporting pots such as the PZL.

The Tuscan company's extensive catalogue also includes front and rear lifts, pruning machines, transplanters and pruning baskets.

"Our technologies," explains the company, "are appreciated for their compact size, operational flexibility and performance. And let’s not forget the quick release system that eases the replacement of equipment by minimising the time needed to unhook and attach the various accessories."


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