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PIC, high-autonomy radiocontrol by Elca

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2018 | Back

Its name is PIC and it is a professional radiocontrol with three toggle switches and a mushroom-shaped stop button that allows you to perform up to five on/off commands (eight with a second function toggle), also available with analog-output potentiometer and 4 LEDs for feedback signals (E1-PIC). The system includes a compact pouch transmitter, receiver, power supply with ELCA-CLIP USB cable, quick release belt, reinforced with leather. ELCA Radiocomandi based in Mussolente (Vicenza) officially presents it during the Bologna exhibition. Small and light, durable and reliable (compatible with MITO and E1 electronics), it is powered by an internal replaceable lithium battery, with an autonomy of up to 50 hours in continuous transmission with MITO electronics (up to 20 hours with E1). The control panel can be customized and the “Check” LED alerts the operator that the connected receiver is active and ready to receive the commands given. The dedicated ELCA-CLIP USB charging connector allows to use USB power supplies and power-banks. “MITO PIC - reads a technical note by ELCA Radiocomandi - has a two-way transmission system with LBT (Listen Before Transmit) logic that automatically searches for the best available free frequency; the identification code is unique and immune from possible interference caused by other systems present in the area of ​​use. PIC is coupled with the MINI receiver, light and compact, with internal antenna (external one optional), IP65, resistant to harsh conditions and easy to position. The wiring - explains the manufacturer - is quick and easy due to the excellent arrangement of the internal components and can be requested as an option, supplying the wiring diagram of the system to be controlled. Furthermore, the receiver can be combined with several transmitting units.


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