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PowerGard System by John Deere

by the editorial staff
April 2016 | Back

John Deere presents PowerGard, a quick and simple solution for machine maintenance and repair that, thanks to its flexible coverage options, allows users to choose between several formulas, keep the machine running at peak performance and control operating cost. There are three PowerGard plans providing increasing levels of protection and coverage: PowerGard Maintenance, that covers the machine’s standard servicing and scheduled replacement of parts, using original John Deere lubricants and components; PowerGard Protection, available for new John Deere machines, that covers the repair of all engine and transmission parts, as well as all the chassis parts; and in the end PowerGard Protection Plus, that provides a full coverage protection that includes everything from PowerGard Maintenance but also carries out potential repair of all the key components, with a coverage up to four years.

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