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Puglia district company

by Giampiero Moncada
October 2019 | Back


Founded in 1970, this company originally manufactured trailers for motor hoes. Today, the range is widened to include the production of three-axle trailers. The real change took place in 2004, with the building of a new shed for the brand new production of numerical control machines. New equipment was registered, such as trailers for the transport of goods, bales or agricultural equipment, dumpers, and two-axle tank trailers.

Today, the sales network has started to focus on the domestic market as well as on European and international level by trying to meet the demands of customers.

The main target of this company, which has about fifteen workers, is to continuously grow both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Colia Meccanica

It was founded in the 2000s as Colia Meccanica srl, from a family-run company with a historical experience in this sector. In addition to the sector of agricultural machinery, it also operates in the field of metal carpentry which is focused on various markets: the building sector, production of external fences and gates, and parapets for staircases. But it is obviously in the agricultural sector that this company has its roots. Still today, it develops innovative products and boasts several patents. The company aims to pursue the diversification of products in all the sectors involved and the technological innovations developed in its laboratories aim at reducing the costs of soil tillage. In addition to four employees, eleven workers are involved in the production, which is fully intended for the domestic market. The average turnover exceeds 2 million euros. The main production lines are: disk harrows for seedbed preparation, compacting rollers, Cambridge rollers, components of irrigation boom, subsoilers, and hydropneumatic devices for the tillage of stony grounds. The key product of this company is, however, the disc harrow.  

Lamola Costruzioni Meccaniche

Lamola Costruzioni was founded as a familiy-run mechanical workshop in the Capitanata district almost 30 years ago, in 1991. Since the beginning, the company chose to focus only on specific products, always in line with the demands of the local market. For this reason, it has always been committed to products for vineyards, open fields, and particularly for raw crops. The most popular products by Lamola are fertilizer box spreaders, the range of which has been including almost all types of fertilizers available. But the real best seller of this company from Foggia is the coulter or precision fertilizer.

The company has an annual turnover between 400-500,000 euros, with a workforce of four workers, in addition to an employee and the owner. The entire production is intended for the domestic market, except for the rate of 10-15% intended for the foreign market.

La Valle Verde

When it was founded, in 1992, La Valle Verde was also intended for a cultural reason which consisted in spreading new technologies to farmers. In 1994, the first seeder was manufactured and four years later the company became a LTD.

The founder and current sole administrator, Piero Giglio, focused on the seeding in hard soil. This is why “Laseminasodo” has become a brand which corresponds to the company's website:

More recently, the range of disc harrows has been widened thanks to the successful Disk 5000. The Bio-light seeder for low-tillage is a new innovative product which is also equipped to carry out intensive seeding in organic farming.

This company is, however, a synonym for seeders: the upcoming model which will be shown in the short term is in fact the result of three patents.

2020 will be the decisive year for Giglio's company: a partnership with a trading company well placed on foreign markets will be announced during the Agrilevante trade fair. This will lead to a widening of markets and, therefore, to an increasing production.

Nuzzo Fortunato

It all started in 1980 with the foundry belonged to the Nuzzo family composed of three brothers, Vincenzo, Fortunato and Luciano. The second generation, represented by the sons of Vincenzo, Fortunato and Saverio, left the foundry to
focus on the manufacturing of machines for the wine sector. Fortunato Nuzzo was founded in 1952 when the brothers parted and created two different companies. Today, Fortunato's son Carlo, together with his wife and children, is leading
Fortunato Nuzzo & C, a company dedicated to the manufacturing of a specific component: the hydraulic transmission. The production includes several parts of the transmission, such as flexible hoses, fittings, and high-pressure adapters. The company has seven workers and a turnover of 2 million euros. Italy is its reference market, absorbing 75% of production with an increasing commitment towards the
emerging markets.





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