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Renewals for the Same Deutz-Fahr brands

More than 130,000 Explorer open field tractors have been sold around the world since 1983 and Same is coming to EIMA International to introduce important new technologies for this winning range. Arriving for the Lamborghini brand is the launch of the tractor Spire and the 9 Series TTV for Deutz-Fahr

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2014 | Back

Following tradition the three leading brands in the multinational in Bergamo are presenting their most noteworthy production achievements at the Bologna exposition. Same is unwrapping the renewed Explorers joining the range with more advanced and versatile models. The line now brings together 11 models built with 6 engine options, the 3 and 4 cylinder FARMotion which conforms to Tier4i emission norms, and mechanical or Powershift transmissions suitable for various work conditions. Overall, the new Explorers are available in three series  – Light Duty (LD), Mid Duty (MD) and Heavy Duty (HD) – featuring various wheelbases, height and weight with highest admissible loads built according to the operations they were designed for. The HD are more robust and the LD and MD models are lighter weight for lessening soil compaction. The many transmission options on offer begin with the fully mechanical 8+8 gearbox with 20+20 speeds with creeper range and mechanical synchromesh reverse shuttle. In addition there is the 40+40 HI-LO shift and Sense Clutch-on-the-go hydraulic reverse shuttle enabling mechanical or hydraulic reversing under load, both controlled from the shift lever. At the top is the Powershift version for 60+60 speeds. Front axles come in three three different lengths according to the weight of the tractor, available also in a 2-WD version. Dual traction engagement as well as differential lock are controlled electro-hydraulically. The Explorer hydraulic system is the open center type with dedicated 55l/min or 60l/min, ECO pump providing an economic 1600 rpm engine regime with up for 4 auxiliary distributors. The rear mechanical lift can be accompanied by electronic or mechanical rams for a total capacity up to 4.8 tons.

The Lamborghini brand is renewing the medium-power range with the launch of the Spire, a line of compact versatile tractors with great maneuvrability equipped with new FARMotion engines that lower consumption and comply with the Tier IVi emission norm. The Spire models are ideal for open field operations or work in confined areas as well as on difficult terrain. The braking system is integral 4-wheel with oil bath disc brakes, synonomous with safety for operations on hilly and mountainous terrain. The four Spire models, the 80, 90, 90.4 and 100.4, are equipped with mechanical or three-ratio Powershift transmissions to which can be added a mechanical or hydraulic reverse shuttle. The basic Target model is available with power at 80 Cv or 90 Cv, two mechanical transmissions, 10+10 gears and 30+15 gears which can be increased to 30+15 thanks to the underdrive. The standard version comes equipped with 30+15 gears or 45+45 speeds with the three-ratio Powershift. Other than the ability to travel at 40 km/h with cruise control the operator can reach 50 km/hr thanks to Overspeed technology. An option for the standard Spire is the Stop&Go system of the hydraulic reverse shuttle which also allows the driver to stop the tractor and start going again fluidly and without jerking, the ComfortClutch controlled by the gear lever, and Stop&Go and SenseClutch for quickly varying the speed of reverse response. The compact open center hydraulic system has a 54l/min pump for 3 two-way distributors. The rear lift which can be coupled with a 1.7 ton capacity front lift to ensure 3.6 ton maximum capacity. Other features are dual traction with electro-hydraulic engagement, or mechanical on the Target versions, and differential lock.

Deutz-Fahr is presenting the new 9 Series TTV Heavy Duty tractors with a captivating appearance signed by Giugiaro Design. These new models provide tractor, maneuverability and great performance even in the most demanding operating conditions. Built for big farming enterprises and contractors, the 9 Series tractors bring together four models powered at 270 to 340 Cv by 6 cylinder Deutz Common Rail TTCD 7.8 Tier4 Final engines with 24 valves and double turbo intercooler. The transmissions are continuous variable TTV with four work range Terramatic technology. The 6 Series if coming out with a new 210 Cv model with robotic Cshift to facilitate management of the six mechanical ranges and four Powershift speeds through the use of a joystick. The 4 or 6 cylinder and 16 or 24 valve Deutz 4.1/6.1 Common Rail Tier4i turbo intercooler engines are equipped with the SCR system for the post-treatment of exhaust gases.



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