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Year 2023 Number 1-2

January - February

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Agricultural machinery: the 2022 closing balance confirms the sector's resilience

Sales fell for all major types of agricultural machinery. The market downturn, which may be considered partly normal after the boom in 2021, is also due to the well-known supply problems and high raw material prices. Demand for machinery, however, remains high, thanks to government incentives. Allocations for agricultural machinery under the NRRP are in the pipeline
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Sabatini Law, refinanced and green

Italian Budget Law 2023 has refinanced with an additional EUR 150 million the Nuova Sabatini, the measure that for years has supported SMEs' investments for the purchase and rental of machinery, technical instruments, and digital technologies that can foster business...
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Agrilevante 2023, the organisational machine is up and running

Registration opened for exhibiting industries that will take part in the event in Bari from 5 to 8 October. Great expectations for an exhibition dedicated to technologies for agricultural supply chains typical of the Mediterranean area, and which aims to repeat the levels of public attendance and international prestige achieved in 2019, before the suspension due to the health emergency
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A "digital passport" for EU industrial products

The European Commission, has published a first package of legislative proposals representing an actual "environmental revolution" aimed at making products more sustainable, reducing their environmental impact, and making it easier for consumers to buy and repair them. Last but not least, the introduction of a new tool for collecting product information: a digital passport

EIMA, the automated animal welfare barns

New technologies for the automation of cattle feeding are good for the animals and allow the farm to cut down on waste, reduce workloads and diesel consumption. At EIMA 2022, the focus is on automated cattle sheds that also improve production quality

Stories of heroic agriculture in the minor islands

They are splendid natural paradises, destinations for international tourism, but also places where cultivating the land is extremely difficult, first and foremost due to isolation. But it is precisely from the 55 minor Italian islands that an additional stimulus arrives for agricultural machinery manufacturers to design equipment capable of operating even in hostile conditions

Agriculture 4.0, continues to grow

The estimates of the Smart Agrifood Observatory presented at EIMA International. Agriculture 4.0 in Italy is worth 1.6 billion in turnover and covers 6% of cultivated agricultural land. Digital in agriculture is also at the centre of other informative and in-depth events

Robots in the fields are not science fiction

In France, the USA and some Eastern European countries they are already at work on farms. But in Italy as well the demand for robots in agriculture is beginning to gain ground in order to increase and improve production, supplementing human labour while reducing environmental impact. The main stumbling block to dissemination still remains safety

Spotlight on agricultural drones

The use of drones in agriculture is now an established practice. Mainly used for the collection of data that are then processed, analysed and combined to perform tasks typical of precision agriculture, aerial drones are now also increasingly used in...

The active management of italian forests

As part of the EIMA Energy bioenergy exhibition, in-depth meetings were held on the productive and eco-sustainable management of forests. The spotlight was on a Italian Ministry of Agriculture project within the framework of the Development and Cohesion Fund

Agriculture and energy, a strategic synergy

An interesting initiative, within the framework of EIMA International, was the one organised by Itabia in close collaboration with Enea, on the topic 'Agrivoltaics, digital innovation and mechanisation'. The agrifood system as a whole must address the issues of decarbonisation...

EIMA Energy: biomass and ecological transition

A workshop on the H2020 project 'BRANCHES', which enhances good practices in this bioenergy sector, was held as part of the International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery in Bologna

Contractor Driver Trophy, agro-mechanics competing

EIMA International 2022 has seen the debut of a new event. It is the prize for the best contractor driver of mechanical equipment, promoted by New Business Media. Over the five days of the event, the best drivers competed in speed and skill tests

A pact with agricultural colleges for skills development

An agreement for the training of young entrepreneurs and workers in the sector between the network of agricultural colleges, FederUnacoma, Cia, Agia, and Agricoltura è Vita was signed at the agricultural machinery show

EIMA, the key role of training for agriculture 4.0

Continuous training for the development of the new skills required at the centre of a conference promoted by Maschio Gaspardo. Made in Italy also enhanced through the most modern digital technologies. Supply chain agreements extended to the world of large-scale organised distribution. The challenge of productivity

Water and agriculture, a key theme at Agriumbria

Drought and climate change bring the issue of water management in agriculture back to the forefront. From satellite data analysis to precision farming technologies, now ripe for large-scale application, here are all the techniques for increasing water supply and limiting wastage

Horn of Africa, irrigation technologies against the climate crisis

The consequences of global warming are hitting Central and East African countries particularly hard and are aggravating an already difficult economic situation. In order to tackle the emergency, it is essential to secure and upgrade irrigation systems, focusing on technologies adapted to local realities

Euway, a project to protect water resources

Agia/Cia presented in Bologna a training course to transfer good irrigation practices to farmers. The issue of wastewater use

Canada, mechanisation for a changing agriculture

The mitigation of the harsh Canadian climate, due to rising temperatures, is expected to increase the size of the cultivable area and encourage greater crop diversification. The agro-mechanical sector, which today has 600 thousand tractors and 120,000 combine harvesters, is called upon to meet the new production needs

Agri-voltaics, an opportunity for sustainable development in rural areas

Mondo Macchina interviews Nicola Colonna, from the Sustainability Department, Biotechnology and Agroindustry Division of the ENEA Casaccia, Research Centre, who analyses the new landscape of photovoltaic technologies, which represent a development driver for primary sector companies and an important source of sustainable supply

Machinery for harvesting fourth gamma salads

The broad appreciation that fourth gamma products have gained among consumers has led to the increasing development of this supply chain, which has encouraged the development of specific harvesting machinery, including electrically driven

Forest maintenance with harvesters and forwarders

The progressive worsening of climatic conditions requires that Italy's forest heritage be managed with ever greater care and diligence. From the point of view of mechanisation, the adoption of state-of-the-art machinery can facilitate better forest management, while ensuring the highest respect for the environment and a secure income for forestry companies

Weeding even where it seems impossible by hydroseeding

Slopes, ski runs, quarries, landfills, reinforced soil, nature engineering works, as well as sports grounds, golf courses, large public recreational areas and private or common gardens: these are the several areas where hydroseeding is most widely applied. An overview of the machinery used for this green maintenance work

Thermal and mechanical weeding in urban environments

In urban areas, it is not possible to use chemically synthesized phytopharmaceuticals to perform weed control in corners and edges of sidewalks, cracks in paved surfaces, pavement joints, or unpaved streets. However, mechanical or thermal technologies are available to eliminate these weeds

Filtration systems by Air Top Italia

Founded in the early '90s of the last century, in a dynamic production environment strongly linked to the motor industry - the so-called 'Motor Valley' - the Modena-based company Air Top Italia (headquartered in Soliera) is today one of the...

Stage V debuts on the Agricube Pro specialised tractors

Last October, at the location called Corte Bariani in Rovigo, the 'Three Horses' brand officially launched the new Agricube Pro range with Stage V engines on the market. The main new feature introduced by Carraro Tractors on these models is...

Range upgrade for Claas forage harvesters

For Claas, 2023 promises to be full of innovations, especially in the mulcher segment. Starting in the new year, the Jaguar 900 and Jaguar 900 Terra Trac will be equipped with the new enhanced Pick Up transmission, the Jaguar 800...

Cold milling technology for new FAE road planers

FAE is expanding its offerings in the construction sector with a new series of products dedicated to the world of road maintenance. These are the RPL/SSL, RPM/SSL and RWM/SSL milling machines, intended to equip skid steer loaders and designed to...

Agile and robust the new Fendt 200 Vario

Municipal operations require versatile machines that can carry out both landscaping and road maintenance, as well as cleaning the road surface in winter. It is precisely for this type of operation that Fendt offers the new generation of the 200...

B1e, Goldoni's in-house electric tractor

Last fall, Keestrack, along with the Swiss company Rigitrac, unveiled a new compact tractor with electric drive at BAUMA and EIMA International. B1e, this is the name of the new vehicle, will be produced in Italy at the Goldoni Keestrack...

Kiwibat: comprehensive battery monitoring

More and more vehicles and equipment, including agricultural ones, are battery-powered, and it is particularly important to monitor their health in order for them to continue working at maximum efficiency. Kiwitron, a company from Sasso Marconi (BO), designed and built...

TreEmme X Series, the new agricultural/forestry by Merlo Group's

Merlo Group's TreEmme X Series range has been expanded with a new model, the MM250X e­quip­ped with a 180 KW six-cylinder Stage V engine. The entire TreEmme range is equipped with hydrostatic transmission, which makes work faster and more precise,...

Industrial Tech Days, CNH innovations on stage in Arizona

The two latest 'green' prototypes developed by New Holland were unveiled in Phoenix (Arizona, USA) last December. At the CNH Industrial Tech Days event, a two-day event organised by the Italian multinational precisely with the aim of launching the two...

Field View and xFarm Technologies, synergy for farm efficiency

Farmers have always known from experience the characteristics of their soils, and when working the land they take into account the various aspects, especially the most critical ones. Today, with the new available technologies, they can monitor precisely all the...

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