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Surflex, a range of innovative clutches

by the editorial staff
February 2022 | Back

Founded in 1950 in Tradate (Varese, Italy), Surflex, which on the occasion of its 70th anniversary has been recognized as a historic Italian brand, began its activity with the production of clutches for motorcycles. With the passing of time the company diversified its production and specialized in the agromechanical sector with the design and manufacture of clutch groups for agricultural machines. In particular, walking tractors, power tillers, small tractors and motor mowers. In this sector, one of the flagships of the Lombard company is represented by the safety clutches that are activated at the very moment when the operator releases the control lever of the machine, thus causing an immediate stop. These models are interchangeable with normal multidisc clutches, whose application does not require any design intervention on the spaces of the vehicle to which they are applied. Clutch groups, which represent an important part of the business, are not the only segment of Surflex' specialization in the agromechanical field. Indeed, the Lombard company’s catalogue also includes a wide range of conical groups, single disc, double disc and multi-plate available in different sizes and with different characteristics. Single disc models, for example, are notable for the design of the friction rings, which instead of being riveted are cast onto the mechanical part. The constructive solution adopted by the Tradate team, a true innovation, prevents the wear from causing a detachment from the disc, thus compromising the functionality of the machine. Thanks to the strategic choice to design and produce "in house" all the materials we need for our models - explains Surflex in a note - we are able to constantly update and improve their technology. Today - continues the note - the company mainly uses organic, semi-metallic and sintered metal powder materials. The former are the most common, while the latter are used for parts that are more prone to wear, such as centrifugal clutches for chainsaws. Sintered metal powders, on the other hand, are the most advanced and are used for components intended for the heaviest uses.


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