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The Fiat 605C track tractor hits the newstands

by the editorial staff
December 2014 | Back

The Hachette Fascicoli publishing house, in collaboration with New Holland Agriculture, came out last December 30th with the first of a series of magazines bundled with a kit for building a model of the illustrious Fiat 605C track tractor dating back to the 1970s on the scale of 1:8. Other than sales on newsstands, the series of magazines can also be collected by subscription on the website for home delivery.

The classic Fiat 605C remained fifteen years in production with nearly 25,000 units turned out as one of the most welcomed and widespread on Italian farmlands. The magazines provide instructions for easily assembling the model and also feature descriptions of the principle phases of agricultural mechanization through illustrations, historic photographs and technical specifications charting the evolution of agricultural machinery and machines in use.

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