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Arag, innovative components for agricultural machinery

by Fabrizio Sereni
October - November 2018 | Back

At EIMA International 2018, Arag of Rubiera (Reggio Emilia) presents many innovations. First of all, the spotlight is on the Bravo 400S LT model. It is a computer on board a multi-row machine, which integrates the functions of navigation and management of the spraying liquid without the aid of an external control unit. In particular, with Bravo 400S LT it is possible to graphically display the spraying rows, automatically close the sections to avoid treatment overlaps, distribute the treatments according to the prescription maps and finally manage the sprayers equipped with a liquid recovery system. Compatible with the Arag GPS receivers range, the new company from Emilia can control up to 5 water sections and 7 oil sections. In the engine components segment, the company from Reggio Emilia offers the 853 Series electric ball valves with position indicator and 2 and 3-wire operation. The valves are formed by a single body and are equipped with an AMP Superseal 1.5 connector with three positions, with an external opening/closing indicator, power and position signaling LEDs, and a Teflon diaphragm venting system. Among the latest additions from the Arag brand we also find the Polaris driving system for Delta 80, Bravo 400S, Bravo 400S LT and Ninja computers. Designed for automatic driving on both straight and curved paths, Polaris reduces untreated areas and overlaps, saves time, fuel and chemicals, and significantly reducing stress on the operator, who can thus concentrate solely on the work. The basic equipment of the Polaris automatic steering system includes, among others, a self-diagnosis device and monitoring of the historical deviation, to facilitate the setup operations. Finally, we must mention the Syncro model, a computer for Isobus auxiliary circuits. “Thanks to the connection with the new electric valves of the 853 and 863 series and with different sensors - according to a technical note from the Emilia-based company - it is possible to automate sequences of commands, such as loading the cistern or washing the circuits and bars, which until today were carried out manually by the operator”. The command sequences are programmed by the OEMs through a dedicated software and then transferred to the computer memory via an SD card. The functionality of the Syncro, Arag states, is replicated on all monitors in the cabin thanks to an IBX100 Sprayer.




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