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"Atos" series: the new medium power Claas

Developed through a collaboration between the German company and Same Deutz Fahr in the open field tractor segment, the six machines of the Atos series were previewed at EIMA International, where they stood out for lifting capacity and Stage IIIB engines

by Giovanni M. Losavio
December 2014 | Back

Six models in a power range between 76 and 109 horsepower; 3 or 4 cylinder Farmotion engines with Common Rail injection; intercooler turbocharger and viscous fan (optional); ergonomic technological solutions with a streamlining of the controls. These are the features of the new Atos 200 and 300 tractors which, presented by Claas in a world premiere at EIMA International, have been developed as a joint effort in the area of open field ​​tractors between the German company and Same Deutz Fahr from Bergamo.  The new tractors represent a major expansion of the range with which the company from Harsewinkel (city in north-western Germany) aims to consolidate itself in the medium power segment, offering to the market high performance tools characterized by advanced engineering solutions.

Stage III B engines with compliant high performance. Both series are powered by rugged Farmotion engines. For the three models Atos 200 (76, 88, 97 horsepower), Claas has planned a three-cylinder 2.9-litre, while the Atos 300 (88, 102 and 109 horsepower) are powered with the more robust 4-cylinder 3.8 liters. Common to the two engines is both the recirculation system of the exhaust gas with external cooling and the DOC catalyst, in line with the requirements of the emission legislation Stage IIIB (Tier 4i); the components of the exhaust gas processing system have been positioned under the engine hood so as not to impede the view from the cab.

The Smart Stop function “bypasses” the clutch. The Atos series is available with three different types of transmission - mechanical, Twinshift or Trishift (only Atos 350) - for which you can choose between a mechanical reverser and an electronic reverser Revershift, and with the additional optional variants at 40 km/h and 40 km/h ECO (maximum speed with a low engine speed). The ranges and the gears are engaged by the operator through two clutch levers, while the clutch button on the gear lever can be used as an alternative to the clutch pedal. Furthermore, with the Smart Stop function, designed to facilitate the performance of various processes (the pressing of bales, for example), the user can stop the tractor by pressing the brake pedal instead of having to intervene on the clutch.

Excellent performance for the integrated front lifter. The Atos are equipped as standard with an integrated front lifter with a capacity of 1.9 tonnes (the arms can be folded easily to reduce the length of the tractor and improve the visibility) and front weights that can be assembled and disassembled quickly during the work. To optimize the arrangement of the hydraulic lines, the user can order the frame with the appropriate commands directly from the factory (two options: mechanical control unit Propilot or hydraulic control unit Flexpilot). As for the power takeoff, the German company has focused on a device with 1000 revolutions per minute, i.e. such as to ensure maximum versatility with a large number of applications. More generally, the Atos series provides for three different variants of the power take-off: 540 r/min; 540 and 540 ECO r/min; 540/540 ECO, 1,000 and 1,000 ECO r/min. Excellent performance also for the hydraulic circuit - four distributors are available, the fourth can be controlled electronically - thanks to a pump with a flow of 55 litres per minute, while the ECO variant, recommended to reduce fuel consumption, provides a hydraulic power of 60 litres per minute with a lower engine speed of 1,600 r/min.



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