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Bellon, innovative solutions for mowing

by Emanuele Bredice
October 2021 | Back

Bellon, a company from Padua with over forty years of experience in the design and construction of mowers and mower conditioners, presents three new products to the public at EIMA.

The DL series. Designed for small and medium-sized farms, the mower has a belt drive without conditioner and a particularly sturdy construction. The wide range of models offers farmers the opportunity to work with different cutting widths, from 1.3 metres up to 3.2 metres for the largest version. As an option on the series, it is possible to fit three-blade triangular discs on all even-disc models.

DH 6000. These side mowers have a new hydraulic system and nitrogen accumulator. These are new concept machines designed by the Veneto-based company's technicians to reduce manual adjustments. The entire mechanical system consisting of springs has been eliminated and replaced by a nitrogen accumulator: now - reads a company technical note - all you have to do is load the hydraulic circuit and set it to 50 bar and you can start mowing. The implement automatically adapts to uneven ground and the cut is therefore clean and even. The DH6000 can also be equipped with the rubber roller conditioner (Chevron type), both rollers are driven thanks to the double transmission, thus eliminating the risk of flooding. Choosing the model with the conditioner will speed up the forage drying process.

Hydraulic front-mounted mowers. They are equipped with a hydraulic balancing system that constantly adjusts the ground pressure of the mower. Thanks to this design solution, the mower adapts the mowing section to the ground contours.


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