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Perfect Green, a professional range for green areas

by Giacomo Di Paola
July - August - September 2022 | Back

Perfect Green is a range of professional equipment for the care and maintenance of green areas. It is produced by Bellon Mit srl of Cadoneghe (Padua), and this full line further consolidates its position in the segment of machinery for gardening and the care of sports and ornamental greenery.

The forerunner of the Perfect Green line is the BM 20 spring decompactor developed by the Padua-based company to remove both infill from synthetic turf and felt from football pitches with natural or hybrid turf. The machine moves on 4 support rollers with millimetric adjustment of the working depth, while the rotors can be equipped with springs of different diameters according to operational needs.

Another highlight of the Perfect Green line is the BM 50 scarifier. Designed to remove felt and cut the soil to a depth of up to 40 millimetres, the machine is characterised by the quality of its work, which, the manufacturer explains, is millimetrically accurate in depth. Among other things, the wheel kit allows the BM 50 to operate in floating mode. In the scarifier segment, the Padua-based company's range also includes another model, the BM 40, equipped with a ground discharge collector and a fixed blade collection system (made of Hardox steel) that allows the operator to replace worn-out blades by intervening only on the tools without disassembling the entire transmission. Another plus of the BM 40 is the high-performance rotor, capable of ensuring optimal work even if the blades (available in different thicknesses and with the possibility of choosing their spacing) are not in perfect working order. Moreover, the rotor blades can be converted from fixed to movable.

The BM 60, on the other hand, is a spring-loaded scarifier for the maintenance of large gardens, parks, football pitches, golf courses and other green areas. Thanks to a high working speed and the continuous vibration of the springs, the scarifier removes felt from the soil and aerates the surface. The BM 60 - says the Bellon Mit note - can also be used for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of synthetic turf, as it is used to loosen the surface infill.

Finally, BM 10 is a triangular-shaped sweeper with a self-supporting stainless steel frame and polypropylene linear brushes. When used consistently, the triangular sweeper lifts and reinvigorates the turf fibres, keeping the infill in optimal condition. The machine's wheels facilitate its transport both when done manually by the user and when done by the tractor in towed mode.


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