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Anno 2019 Numero 5-6

May - June 2019

Carrytank in pick-up version

The new line of Carrytank tanks produced by Emiliana Serbatoi was presented at Bauma 2019. During the German event, the Modena-based company launched the pick-up version of the Carrytank line, the range of plastic tanks made for transporting and delivering fuel. One of the strengths of the Carrytank model is its ease of transport, and is offered in a version that offers greater versatility and ease in the most diverse situations, from agriculture to road supplies, from the sports sector to leisure. The new line offers three versions: 300 litres, 440 litres and the 400+50 system that combines the storage of 400 litres of diesel and 50 of AdBlue. Thanks to the redesign of the original models, the sides have been slimmed down to allow a simple installation at the wheel arches of the vehicles. Furthermore, the presence of breakwater bulkheads facilitates the stability of the means of transport. The features that have made the Carrytank a very popular product on the market remain unchanged: the tanks are made of polyethylene, complete with a padlockable lid, level indicator, safety valve, filter and transfer unit with automatic fuel dispenser.

by Emanuele Bredice

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