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Centriplus, high technology for Comer Industries brakes

by Fabrizio Sereni
January/February 2015 | Back

The use of wet disc brakes on differential axles for off-road self-propelled agricultural machinery for stops for service and parking has become a consolidated practice by now. This type of brake plant, however, features the dis advantage of high speed rotation of the discs of up to 1,500 rpm to cause considerable agitation of the oil and the dispersion of energy. The solution Comer Industries’ technical staff has designed to limit this dispersion for self-propelled agricultural machinery, especially telehandlers, while ensuring full efficiency in braking is called Centriplus which is a system for the separation of the brake pack from the axle lubrication oil; the wet discs no longer in their oil bath do not generate energy loss due to the agitation of the oil. The system also provides a centrifugal lubrication – thus the system name Centriplus –  with the opening of the separation device in order to assure the correct oil quantity required by the friction material during the braking phase to prevent overheating. In this way it is possible to reduce the power loss or to increase the vehicle speed. In this way, Centriplus has been developed as a technology which is as advanced as it is reliable and financially advantageous because it does not require any additional application. The system is so innovative that it is coming away from SIMA Innovation Competition Awards 2015 with an honorable mention. Franck La Spina, the director of Comer Industries subsidiary in France, Sarl, said, “We are strengthening our vocation for excellence through an approach focused on innovation. With Centriplus, Comer Industries confirms its ability to face even more demanding markets and challenges with products that are more efficient and environmentally friendly,” commenting on the prestigious recognition during the Avant-Première ceremony of the SIMA Innovation Awards in Paris.




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