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Claas Arion and Axion powered by Stage V

by Fabrizio Sereni
March 2020 | Back

2020 marks the debut of the new Stage V engines on the Arion 600 and 500 tractors, and on the Axion 800. The ARION 500 models are now powered by a four-cylinder DPS engine with turbocharger (a smaller wastegate turbocharger with very quick response time), while the ARION 600 tractors are equipped with a 6-cylinder DPS engine with a VGT turbocharger, which, when the machine is stopped, has a reduced speed of 650 rpm. This is a feature which - according to the manufacturer’s declaration - enables to contain fuel consumption. Compliance with Stage V requirements is possible through the combination of EGR recirculation technology for cooled exhaust gases, the DPF diesel particulate filter and the SCR catalyst (selective catalytic reduction). On the Arion 600, the components of the after-treatment system have been further implemented to reduce the overall dimensions. As an option, the engine of the Arion 550 and 600 can be equipped with a speed limiter (on the Hexashift transmission) which optimizes fuel consumption by reducing the maximum engine speed for working in the field and around the farm, as well as for driving on roads. Top performance also for the HEXASHIFT transmission which, when used with the HEXACTIV function (automatic gear change based on engine revolutions) and with Cruise Control (optimizes the work of the implement by adapting the tractor speed to the operating conditions), gives the same level of functionality as a CLAAS continuously variable transmission. On the other hand, the AXION 800 series has been enhanced with the 6 FPT cylinders located in a power range from 205 to 295 Hp and equipped with the DOC (diesel oxidation catalyst), EGR and SCRoF (SCR on the filter) systems for total compliance to the laws on polluting emissions. Also, in this case, to reduce fuel consumption, the idle speed drops to 650 rpm when the tractor is in a stationary position. Concerning the AXION 800, another important novelty, is the optional load-sensing hydraulic system of 205 liters per minute, ideal for all processes requiring high hydraulic power (as the massive distribution of the slurry). Finally, the availability (as standard) of an additional return line should be noted, which adds to the normal Power Beyond connection lines for pressure, return and load-sensing.


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