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Claas-Carraro Group, a strategic partnership

by Patrizia Menicucci
February 2022 | Back

A new agreement was signed at the beginning of February between Claas and the Carraro Group to exchange skills in terms of human resources and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) best practices. A selection of employees from the two companies will therefore work at the other group for short periods, both in production and marketing, to exchange skills with the aim of fostering cooperation in support of the enhancement of the two prestigious brands.

Claas has its headquarters in Harsewinkel, Germany, and has been producing tractors, combine harvesters, forage harvesters, balers, telehandlers, loaders and modern agricultural technology since 1913.  With 11,900 employees and a turnover of 4.8 billion recorded in 2021, Claas is present with its products all over the world and has production, sales and service offices in eleven European countries, three in the American continents and Asia and one in Africa.

Carraro, with headquarters in Campodarsego in the province of Padua, Italy, has been in operation since 1932 and specialises in the production of transmission systems and components for agricultural and earthmoving machinery, as well as a wide range of gears also used in the automotive material handling sectors. It is also known for the production of specialised tractors for vineyards and orchards between 60 and 100 Hp, which it also manufactures for other brands with engineering services for the design of innovative vehicles. With over 3,500 employees and a turnover that last year stood at 640 million euros, the Veneto-based company, in addition to its four production facilities in Italy, has offices in India, China and Argentina.

The two companies have been collaborating for some time and their partnership, in addition to the Italian supply of axles and gears to the German group, also includes the development and production of specialised tractors for vineyards and orchards and compact tractors. Last November Claas introduced to the market the new Nexos series of tractors, produced by Carraro, with Stage V engines and an upgrade in technology and equipment.

According to Claas Managing Director Thomas Böck, the agreement has "the clear short- and medium-term aim of increasing sales and market share in the speciality and compact tractor segments, and to achieve this we are investing together in new developments, but also in the skills and growth of our employees as well as the exchange of know-how".

Andrea Conchetto, CEO of the Carraro Group, emphasises that the new agreement "goes beyond a typical supply contract for vehicles, components and services, because we intend to pool our mutual expertise. This is a new way of consolidating business relationships that will bring important benefits to both parties involved".



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