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Claas fullfield innovation

Claas innovations have been recognized by Agritechnica with a gold medal award and four silver medals. The awards were assigned by a commission of designated expert members of the German Agriculture Society DLG

by the editorial staff
November 2017 | Back

 Claas has scored a great success at Agritechnica 2017 when the manufacturer was tapped for a gold medal and four silvers by a commission selected from the German Agriculture Society (DLG). The gold medal Innovation Award was assigned for Cemos Auto Threshing for a fully automatic threshing system for the Class straw-walker and hybrid combine harvesters as well as setting the drum speed and the concave gap for optimum results in the current harvest conditions through automatic adjustments to working conditions. Thanks to the ongoing automatic control of threshing maximum performance is achieved with no need for manual regulation. The operator can take over any time or disable the automatic function by using the dialogue with CEMOS to establish the correct setting while CEMOS AUTOMATIC remains active for the controllers for the entire system which communicate with each other. The CRUISE PILOT system automatically regulates
the forward speed of the combine in the field through USP (uninterrupted power supply). Auto Threshing is continuously capable of adjusting threshing to optimum balance for sensitive operation and, when necessary, for maximum care of the product. One of the four silver medals was awarded for the Axion 900 Terra Trac, is the first half-track tractor with full suspension. The leading innovation is the inclusion of the suspended Terra Trac crawler track system. This system is based on technology currently in use in combine harvesters but has been specially adapted to meet the requirements of tractors. Thanks to suspended crawler tracks, the Axion 900 Terra Trac combines the advantages of track laying tractors to optimize traction, soil protection and greater towing capability for the tractor. Another silver was named for equipping tractors with CEMOS which provides a dialogue-based driver assistance system for optimum adjustment of the tractors and implements with a database containing a vast amount of expertise and guides for the driver to achieve optimum settings through dialogue via the user interface of a touchscreen CEBIS terminal for operation selected and the ambient conditions. Initially the system supports the driver by using the database for settings and then  controls operating conditions for optimizing performance as needed. The silver CULTI CAM is a stereoscopic row camera for mechanical hoeing, a technology developed with Einböck, Hatzenbichler, Carre SAS and Bednar FMT. The high-resolution 3D row guidance camera analyses the leaf structure of the row crop. Thanks to more detailed analysis, the image processing software is able to identify the rows and calculate precise control signals even in windy conditions, crops with severe weed infestation or plants which are not green. The new camera system therefore allows high-precision row guidance even in difficult conditions, or at higher working speeds and work rates. This means the new camera system can produce high-precision row guidance even in difficult conditions, or at higher working speeds and work rates. The silver Large Vehicle Alert System warns motorists on public roads of the proximity of agricultural machinery. The new system transmits telemetry real time data of agricultural machinery and tractors in road traffic to assistance/navigation systems and smartphone apps in the vehicles in other traffic to provide automobile and truck drivers information of alternative routes to avoid heavy traffic.


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