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CLAAS: renews main production lines

The German group is planning to present numerous new products at the Bologna exposition starting with the new TUCANO 560 combine harvester which joins the VARIANT baler. Also coming up is the new look for the JAGUAR 900 forage harvester with an even higher level of performance

by Giovanni M. Losavio
October - November 2016 | Back

CLAAS is launching numerous technological innovations at EIMA International with the TUCANO 560 combine harvester with an APT HYBRID SYSTEM. The model added to expand the manufacturer’s warmly welcomed range of machines is coming to the market in 2017 and in Bologna with the APS (Advanced Package Tool) Hybrid System. The APT threshing technology combines two CLAAS technologies, the tangential APS threshing system and the efficient 570 mm ROTO PLUS residual grain separation system. This means the big ROTO PLUS rotor can achieve great centrifugal force even at low RPM regimes making it much more efficient for separating the residual grain. Another strong point for the TUCANO 560 is that the APT and ROTO PLUS can be regulated independently so, depending on weather conditions, the hour, level of straw quality and grain separation intended, the operator can select the optimum regulation. In the baler market area, CLAAS has renewed the ROLLANT/VARIANT balers with two VARIANTS equipped with ROTO CUT or ROTO FEED for bales with diameters from 0.90-1.55 x 1.20 meters and 0.90-1.80 x 1.20 meters. The VARIANT 400 variable round baler feeding and binding systems have been updated and improved as has the pickup equipped with the twin roller crop press and springs which can be activated in four positions without the use of tools for compressing the crop to give faster product flow and ensure active feeding of the crop to the rotor in various work conditions. Another new feature for the VARIANT is the  14-blade chopping rotor at 360° rather than 180° which reaches cuts of up to 6,000 a minute. The purpose of this arrangement is to distribute the product fed into the press chamber to continuously achieve uniform bales. For the VARIANT the German manufacturer has also renewed the binding system with the introduction of a new blade which facilitates the use of net wrapping or tying bales with double twine. To be pointed out is that the binding is edge to edge, from one end of the bale to the other coming as standard equipment on these models. This system has been improved by the addition of a new helical roller. CLAAS restyling was also extended to the JAGUAR 900 forage harvester series by strengthening the front continuously variable attachment for transmission power and variable speed efficiency, updating the crop flow system with the front attachment cuttingbar which, when stopped can be regulated much more quickly than in the past. Other changes applied are more powerful engines and the AUTO FILL package for the automatic lateral discharge of the product to fill trailers through the spout park position. This system carries this benefit of reducing loss during discharge to the minimum as well as the facitating the work of forage trailer workers and the operator of the harvester. A high resolution 3D video camera on the spout provides images of the vehicle driving alongside the discharge system to determine both the outer edges as well as the filling level at any location of the trailer. AUTO FILL, based on the principle of digital 3D image analysis. In addition, the system can determine the point of impact as the chopped silage enters the trailer for automatically controlling longitudinal and transverse loading of the vehicle.


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