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Claas, the complete range for haymaking

Class came to the EIMA Show with the new Arion 630 tractor, the Liner 420 swather, the Variant 480 round baler and the Disco 3200 RD mower, the manufacturer's leading models for haymaking, one of the operations most featured at the Umbrian demonstration trials

by Giovanni M. Losavio
July - August - September 2017 | Back

Claas took the field at the Casalina di Deruta farm with a wide range of integrated solutions for haymaking. Following are the units deployed by the German manufacturer for the demonstrations held last July 28 and 29.

Arion 630. A new generation tractor powered by a six-cylinder DPS PowerTech engine with maximum of 165 Hp. The Hexashift powershift transmission is equipped with automatic Hexactiv shifting with six speeds under load and four ranges under electronic control and the Revershift reverser. The two-speed Arion PTO 630 operates at 540 or 1000 rpm, the flow rate of the load-sensing hydraulics is 110 liters/m and the five-pillar cab is mounted on four points of suspension. The rear lift maximum capacity is eight tons and the front lift maximum is 3/4 tons. 

Variant 480. This Claas variable chamber round baler is equipped with a 2.10 pick-up with oscillating guide wheels, a Roto Feed spiral rotor for uniform crop flow and a new 360° Roto Cut cutting rotor with 14 blades. The bale rolling chamber is 1.2 meters long with a diameter from 0.9 to 1.8 meters with four highly resistant one-piece belts and bale size and soft core diameter is controlled from the cab plus a fast tailgate for quick discharge of the bale with twine or net wrapping.

Disco 3200 FRC Profil. This front mower features a work width of three meters and a Max Cut mower bar, a modular Safety Link, seven cutter discs each of which with two quick attack blades. Other equipment includes conditioner rollers working at 950 rpm and adjustable swathing plates on models with a conditioner and adjustable swathing discs on machines without a conditioner adapt the swath width in line with the track width of the tractor. These Claas mowers are also available with frames with lateral protection and Active Float, the mower suspension which ensures the mower suspension is consistent at all times, independent of the position of the mower.

Disco 3200 RC. This Claas rear mo­wer has a work width of three meters and carries the basic equipment of the big brother FRC Profil, the Max Cut mower bar, a modular Safety Link, seven cutter discs each of which with two quick attack bla­des and conditio­ner rollers and adjustable swathing plates. Unlike the 3200 FRC Profil, the 3200 RC co­mes to the market with castor-mounted mower at the centre of gravity to enable it to move freely and follow the ground contours appropriately.

Volto 60. This machine is a tedder with a work width of 5.8 meters with six 1.3 meter diameter rotors and six spreader arms for each rotor with spreading angles from a minimum of 14,5° up to 18°. On Max Spread technology, the manufacturer explained to Mondo Macchina/Machinery World, “This is a system which allows the tines to always operate at an optimum angle in relation to forward direction of the implement-tractor combination to improve the time taken and work procedure.” The maintenance-free transmission, hermetically sealed and continuously lubricated, can be coupled to Permalink for full power transfer in all positions and there is a 540 rpm PTO on request.

Liner 420. This side single rotor swather with a rotor diameter of 3.2 meters is equipped with 12 spreader arms each with 4 double 9 millimeter tines. The tine arms are attached to the innovative Profix system which bends the arms to a predefined bending point if an obstacle is encountered so the arms can be immediately replaced by the operator. The Liner 420 compact is marketed with a four-wheel rotor chassis and a work width of 4.2 meters.  


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