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DemoGreen, green 'on the move'

by the editorial staff
July - August - September 2022 | Back

The 2022 edition of DemoGreen, the demonstration event for gardening machinery and equipment, organised by DemoGreen srl, will be held at the Novegro Exhibition Complex (Segrate) on 16 and 17 September. The event includes the participation of 50 brands and the presence of Comagarden (the association which, within FederUnacoma, represents the manufacturers of green care technologies) and aims to promote the meeting between supply and demand, showing mechanical equipment at work and highlighting the technical features and innovative solutions before an audience of dealers, gardeners, landscapers, as well as simple enthusiasts who take care of their gardens and outdoor spaces.

The event showcases a very wide range of products, from lawn mowers to lawn tractors, trimmers to hedge trimmers, pruners to blowers, technologies that are increasingly in demand on a market that has been showing a positive trend for a few years now, reaching record levels in 2021 with an overall increase of 14%. The first half of 2022 records sales levels that are still good (volumes are down 13.6% compared to the boom recorded in the same period in 2021, bringing sales back in line with pre-2021 levels) even if - warns the Comagarden statistics office, which monitors the market in collaboration with the Morgan statistical survey group - uncertainties linked to the particular economic situation weigh on the second half of the year.

The gardening machinery market is affected in part by the lack of product due to delays in the supply chain and deliveries, in part to an increase in prices and economic uncertainty that discourages purchases, and in part to the weather trend of the season and the drought, which have slowed the vegetative activity of plants and therefore the demand for maintenance technologies. Connected ideally with DemoGreen there is a second demonstration event, which will take place at the Bologna exhibition centre as part of EIMA International, from 9 to 13 November.

It is Garden E-motion, the field trials of gardening equipment that will be staged during the five days of the Bologna exhibition, and which are the result of the partnership between Comagarden and DemoGreen Srl.

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