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Digital agriculture "Made in Italy"

by Patrizia Menicucci
December 2022 | Back


AI4FARM® is the name of a project developed by Agricolus and Image Line with the aim of creating a 'Made in Italy' skills centre for digital solutions to be applied in the primary sector, allowing the integration of systems and the interoperability of IT platforms, for an easier use of technologies by farmers.

Agricolus is a Perugia-based startup that has been developing solutions for Agriculture 4.0 since 2017, while the Faenza-based Image Line has been producing web content for agriculture since 1988, with databases to support farm management and online magazines dedicated to the sector. A "common dictionary" for the exchange of data between the Farm Management Information System (FMIS) platforms by Agricolus®  and AgriTrack® with the databases developed by Image Line®  (Fitogest®  for pesticides, Fertilgest®  for nutrition products and Plantgest® for horticultural and industrial varieties and seeds) and with the QdC®  - Quaderno di Campagna®  software for the management of data collected in the field directly in the company file, is the first step in the collaboration between the two companies. Thanks to this system, farmers will be able to use a single platform to manage processing and bureaucratic and administrative tasks while retaining ownership of the data.

For Andrea Cruciani, CEO of Agricolus, "AI4FARM®  will create a skills ecosystem unique in Italy, making fully interoperable digital tools born from decades of research and industry expertise to provide the best possible solution to farms, the supply chain and stakeholders in the agrifood sector".

For Ivano Valmori, CEO of Image Line, "the birth of AI4FARM®  represents a big step forward towards simplifying the digitisation of Italian agriculture, which, precisely because of its characteristics and diversity, is poorly adapted to pre-packaged digital solutions developed for the planet's major extensive crops".

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