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Disco Move by Claas, for difficult terrains

by Fabrizio Sereni
July - August - September 2018 | Back

Produced by Claas, the Disco front mower ranger is now broader. The German company has launched two new models on this product range - Disco 3600 MOVE and Disco 3200 MOVE, with widths of 3.0 and 3.4 metres - offered in versions with or without conditioner (you can choose between a roller and a flail device). The heart of the new Claas mowers is the attachment stand, which, redesigned with integrated kinematics by Profil (characterized by a low pivot point), is able to adapt to the profile of the ground, up to 600 mm uphill and up to 400 mm downhill. In short, an ideal solution especially for high speed processing with wide tractors. Equipped with a guide that allows the operator to adjust the arms of the front lifter quickly and easily, the stand can be hooked directly to the front lift of the tractor (the lift is fixed and does not interfere with adapting to the terrain) or using an A-Frame. The stand’s hydraulic connections are integrated in the stand itself, performing the lifting function at the end of the field through a single-acting distributor. These connections have Kennfixx couplings both on the right and on the left, while the Active Float hydraulic suspension allows you to avoid anchoring the springs on the tractor. When the mower is unhooked, a stop on the attachment stand blocks the kinematics, for maximum safety without the need for additional support. Of course, the new Claas mowers could not be without one of the German company’s trademarks: the Max Cut bar with a single-piece corrugated profile. An innovative design, thanks to which - explains Claas with a note - it is possible to position the mower discs in the front position (so the cut is even more effective) while the particular shape of the slides and the wide channel between them significantly improves self-cleaning and the resulting quality of the forage.


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