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Fendt 200 Vario: restyling and new technologies

by the editorial staff
January - February 2021 | Back

Ten years after its market debut, Fendt restyles the Fendt 200 Vario. The Series now includes five Vario models 207, 208, 209, 210 and 211, with powers ranging from 79 to 124 for the 211 Vario which, thanks to the DynamicPerformance system, benefits from a surplus of power. The additional horsepower is not linked to either the running speed or the types of use, but is delivered in a "dynamic" way. DynamicPerformance technology was designed to monitor the performance of certain components - the power take-off, hydraulics, engine fans, and climate control - and to increase power, when necessary, through a smart control. The system is also activated in operations that involve the power take-off in standstill situations, such as in the mixer wagon in milk producing companies, and in transport or field work, depending on the most demanding components. The additional 10 horsepower of the Fendt 211 Vario is especially useful for farms that need a compact, light and manoeuvrable tractor, which is still capable of performing heavier functions than those possible with another machine of the same category.

Available in Power, Profi and Profi+ versions, the new Vario series is powered by an AGCO Power 3.3-litre 3-cylinder engine, compliant with Phase V. Compliance with European emissions standards is ensured by the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), the particulate filter (DPF), and the selective catalytic reduction (SCR). The restyling involved the cabin, which is now more spacious and ergonomic, and higher than the previous model, providing more space for the operator. The new console features a multifunction joystick and the global FendtONE operating system (which combines the usual work on the machine with the planning and management tasks that take place in the office), making the use of the machine more intuitive. The FendtONE operating “philosophy” includes a new side-action element with multifunction joysticks, cross lever and optional 12" terminal.

The 10" digital dashboard is located in the steering column and the display shows ground speed, engine rpm and fluid levels. The visibility on the front loader was also improved. Fendt has reduced the space of the cross member that separates the windscreen from the window, and this has made it possible to improve visibility in operations where the front loader works at height, such as when storing bales. The cab also contains automotive options, such as the refrigerated compartment and the new footwell heating with an innovative system of ten air vents positioned in the steering column and in the cab roof.



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