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Jaguar, the Claas shredder reaches level 40 thousand

by Fabrizio Sereni
March - April 2019 | Back

Record numbers for the Jaguar self-propelled shredder. A few weeks ago, the production plant in Harsewinkel, in North Rhineland near the city of Bielefeld, baptized model number 40 thousand, confirming the great longevity of one of the most appreciated and awarded machines from the German company. Launched on the market 46 years ago, in 1973 (it was called Jaguar 60 SF), the Claas shredder gave an important contribution to innovation in the corn cultivation sector. Separation of the shredding roller and the feeding roller; engines installed obliquely behind the steering axle; 8-row corn heads; constant humidity monitoring system; these are just some of the cutting-edge technologies that the Jaguar series proposed over time.

And they earned Jaguar many prestigious international awards, such as, just to mention one of the most recent, the “Machine of the Year” award at Agritechnica 2011 thanks to the Dynamic Power control system (adapting the power to the machine’s operational needs). The 40,000th shredder is a Jaguar 960 Terra Trac series machine with crawler tracks produced by the Harsewinkel plant. Also awarded at the SIMA with the “Gold Innovation Award”, the Jaguar 960 Terra Trac range not only offers optimal soil protection in all working conditions, but is valued for its compact dimensions, ideal for road transport. To celebrate the important anniversary, Claas “branded” its forty thousandth model with a special commemorative livery: a jaguar silhouetted on both sides of the shredder. Furthermore, the German company informs us with a note that the celebratory machine will be used only for demonstration purposes. In short, the Jaguar 960 Terra Trac “special edition” will be the standard bearer of Claas technologies for the agricultural sector.


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