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Lexion combine harvesters, the second generation is coming

by Giacomo Di Paola
October 2019 | Back

The launch of the second generation of Lexion combine harvesters by Claas is imminent. There are seven hybrid models and six straw walkers, ranging from 313 to 790 horsepower, equipped with the new Aps Synflow Hybrid threshing systems (on the 8000/7000 hybrid series) and Aps Synflow Walker (on the 6000/5000 series with straw walker). These systems, explains the manufacturer with a technical note, offer top-level performance in terms of threshing and separation. Both Aps Synflow Hybrid and Aps Synflow Walker work with a 755 mm beater with 10 bars, but the second is equipped with an additional 600 mm separation cylinder positioned immediately after the beater. Meanwhile, on hybrid machines, the Aps Synflow Hybrid device saw the launcher diameter increase to 600 mm, thus ensuring an optimal product flow for the passage to the rotors.

The news of the second generation Lexion also concern Cemos Automatic, the operator assistance technology, which comes with a renewed armrest and a touchscreen.

It also has increasingly integrated functions, many of which (for example the reduction of the beater or straw chopper revolutions) can be performed directly from the cabin, now more spacious and quieter. Innovative solutions also for the transmission. Here, in addition to having reduced the number of belts, Claas reinforced all the variators and provided for the possibility of connecting them to the combine harvester’s central lubrication system. These upgrades are aimed at improving the reliability of the machine, as well as the Dynamic Cooling technology, which ensures cooling and at the same time optimizes the cleaning of the air filter, making this operation much less burdensome.




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