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Mechanical Workshop, a top of the range success

A part of the Umbrian productive network since 1990, the company from Città di Castello began to design and build agricultural machinery a decade ago, with the first models for mechanical pruning. It was thanks to the technologies for agriculture that the company achieved an important position on foreign markets

by Giovanni M. Losavio
May - June 2019 | Back

From components for industrial machinery of the highest quality to technologies for agriculture. The entrepreneurial path of the Officina Meccanica B e G describes the history of a company that plays a leading role in the Italian and Umbrian economic fabric (the headquarters are in Città di Castello, in the Perugia area) thanks to a smart policy of production diversification. The Perugian company began operating on the market in 1990, with the production of components for gearmotors and industrial washing machines. In a short time, the company managed to carve out an important space. One factor that made the difference for the Officina Meccanica B e G were the latest generation production facilities. 4-axis vertical machining centres, 5-axis CNC lathes, and a test room with three-dimensional measuring instruments are a real guarantee for the efficiency of production processes but, above all, for the quality and reliability of the processes. Year after year, the company grows, and it is this growth that sets the foundations for diversifying production into the agricultural machinery sector. However, the production of technologies for agriculture does not replace the traditional mechanical workshop activity. Indeed, the Perugian company exploits the know-how and skills gained in that sector to present itself on the market with an innovative product. We are talking about machines for the mechanical pruning of fruit trees and olive groves, equipped with a double blade cutter bar. “The great strength of our cutter bar - explains the manufacturer in a technical note - is the ability to work in a range between a minimum of 0/0 mm and a maximum of 0/90 mm”. The double blade proves to be advantageous because, in addition to not damaging the cut branches and not producing sawdust (which can flood the tractor ventilation system), it prevents pathogens from being transmitted from plant to plant, making a clean cut, similar to that of scissors. “Furthermore, with our cutter bar the operator does not have to work on an ‘armoured’ tractor, since the plant residues are deposited on the sides of the tractor. Another benefit - continues the company in Città di Castello - is that our pruners consume little fuel and, if used correctly, do not require demanding maintenance”. An important step in this growth path is the mention in the EIMA International 2018 “Technical Innovations” competition. The winner is the BGP Green Series F, an inter-row front shredder designed to combat weeds in orchards and olive groves. Equipped with an independent hydraulic tank, the application is also offered in a version with an automatic hydraulic sensor (which allows the harvester to move sideways). The cutting head, in turn, is available both in the configuration with two protection rollers (to work where there are irrigation systems on the ground, with a distance of 3 or 4 cm), and in the configuration with a single roller that allows the BGP Green Serie F cutting head to work right above the ground. For its shredder, the Perugian firm has envisaged both a version coupled on the front of the tractor (BGP Green Serie F), and coupled on the rear. The dimensions of the head do not change, starting from 60 centimetres to reach 1.2 metres. With the pruners, shredders and cutting bars, Officina Meccanica B e G has not only entered a new production sector, but has also opened the doors of foreign markets: Europe (Spain, France, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Switzerland), USA, Turkey, South Korea, Argentina, Chile and Australia. “In 2018 - concludes the company - the foreign share of our sales reached 35%. We also aim to increase it in the short and, above all, in the medium term”.


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