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Officina Meccanica B E G: the new double-blade pruner

by Emanuela Stifano
October 2021 | Back

In more than ten years of business in the field of mechanical pruning of orchards and olive groves, Officina Meccanica B E G has made the double-blade pruning bar - an innovative and patented product - its strong point. The pruner with double-blade bar can be used in all types of orchard, citrus, olive and hazelnut groves, and thanks to the double cutting bar, pruning times can be halved compared to an ordinary model.

The system makes a horizontal cut of 3.5 or 4.5 metres depending on the version and is attached to the tractor at the front by means of a standard bracket or front linkage. The double blade offers a clean scissor-like cut that brings considerable benefits to the plant and not only: it does not damage the cut branch, it does not produce sawdust, it does not obstruct the tractor's aeration system, and it does not cause the transmission of pathogens.

The twin-blade, driven by a hydraulic motor, is 2.50 metres long in the medium version and operates independently of the tractor (a minimum power of 100 - 110 horsepower is required) via the cardan shaft. The control distributor, conveniently located inside the tractor, allows the operator, comfortably seated, to control both the operation of the machine and the trajectory. Today, Officina Meccanica B E G has decided to expand its portfolio by including disc bars in its range.

This choice is the result of a careful analysis of the domestic and international markets, which require both cutting systems, depending on the work to be carried out. The two systems operate differently and therefore meet different requirements. Officina Meccanica B E G's complete range of pruners will be on display at the company's stand at EIMA 2021.



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