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Mergento VT 9220, quality haymaking

by the editorial staff
July - August - September 2022 | Back

Pöttinger is launching the new Mergento VT 9220 semi-mounted belt rake, designed for use with alfalfa and clover as well as other types of crops. Mergento - emphasises a technical note from the manufacturer - has been designed to respect the integrity of the crop, especially dry and leaf-rich plants, preserving their nutritional values and improving the overall quality of the harvest. Indeed, the pick-up lifting system combined with the belt transport system avoids ground dragging and, consequently, minimises losses through crumbling. In short, with the new belt rake from Pöttinger, you can achieve an intact, high-energy forage with a higher crude protein content and reduced crude ash content. The operational heart of the Mergento VT 9220 is the conveyor unit that ensures a uniform product flow and consists of the pick-up, the sheet metal deflector with roller and the transverse conveyor belt. Once the forage is lifted from the ground by a special device with trailing tines, it is picked up by the pick-up and conveyed to the transverse conveyor belt (with the cam guidance system, the tines enter the swath just before the belt). The conveyor point of the pick-up is positioned 120 mm higher than the transverse conveyor belt, so the forage is deposited on the belt by the force of gravity alone and not by a mechanical device that could compromise its quality. Another plus of the rake from Pöttinger is the central suspension of the belt units, which allows three-dimensional adaptation of the machine to the ground. This is possible thanks to the kinematics of the support arm, which with its three hydraulic cylinders reacts immediately to any unevenness in the ground. In the working mode with central windrow deposit, the height adjustment starts at +475 mm and goes down to -195 mm and the transverse oscillation from +30° down to -13°, while the inclination in the direction of travel ranges from +11.5° down to 0°. The operator can control all the main functions of the rake from the tractor cab, from where it is possible to change both the direction of rotation and the position of the two conveyor belts to obtain a central swath, a single swath on the left or right side, or a double swath on the left and right.


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